Is Your Lawyer Website Tablet & iPad Friendly? Find Out Now!

Did you know that 16 percent of Americans own a tablet and that table use is expected to rise by over 100 percent in 2012? Or that 30 percent of those traveling now use a tablet, such as an iPad, instead of a laptop computer or cellular mobile device?

With that said, what are you doing to ensure that your tablet users are getting a great experience when they visit your attorney website on their device? Have you looked at your website on a tablet? Do you know what makes a tablet different from a traditional desktop browser or a mobile phone browser? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about tablets and web design:

  • Tablets have mid-size screens. You’ve probably designed your lawyer website to look great on desktop computers and your mobile website to look great on smartphones. But how does it look on a tablet? Most tablet screens have eight- or ten-inch screens – larger than a smartphone screen, but smaller than a traditional screen. Be sure to look at your website on a tablet to see if there are any viewing issues.
  • Tablets don’t have physical keyboards or mice. Tablet users navigate with their fingers, not with a cursor – and, although there is a touchpad keyboard, many tablet users avoid too much typing. Keep this in mind when developing your website: make buttons big enough for fingers and keep your forms to a minimum.
  • Tablets aren’t often compatible with bells and whistles. Avoid website features that require browser plug-ins or additional software like Flash – tablets struggle incorporate such features. With that in mind, as well as with the smaller screen in mind, consider simple, uncluttered, and uncomplicated designs.
  • Tablets are for people on the go. When people use desktop computers, they are often sitting in an office or home office and focused only on the screen. Mobile device and tablet users are more likely to be on the go, doing several things at once. Because of this, tablet users may not be as focused on the screen as other users – and they might just be looking for simple information, such as a phone number or directions.

Tablet usage is only expected to rise in coming years – get your law firm website ready before your competitors do. Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939 to learn more about our traditional and mobile websites for attorneys.

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