If you’re smart, your attorney website is designed to be successful on search engines, educate your readers, and ultimately get you new clients. But is your attorney website designed to help readers spread the word about your great legal services and your helpful content?

Encouraging your readers to share
Attorney marketing experts are forever trying to find easier ways to get great external links. Many have found that the best way to get the internet talking about your great content and your great law office is to use the power of online social networking – websites like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But is there any way to encourage your website visitors to share what they’ve just read? Yes! Adding share buttons to your attorney website design plan gives your readers a way to tell their friends and followers what they’ve been reading with a single mouse click. These share buttons can appear at the top or bottom of your article or float on the margin of the article and follow your reader as he or she scrolls down the page.

Get share buttons on your law firm website today
An easy way to tell that your lawyer website is out of date is to look for social networking share buttons. No buttons mean that the website may have been created before social networking platforms had changed the way we use the internet. Get share buttons on your attorney website and keep up to date with all of the latest lawyer website design developments by calling Foster Web Marketing today. Speak with us at 888.886.9039 to get started.
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