Four MORE Mobile App Ideas for Your Law Office Marketing Plan

Deciding to create an attorney mobile app is the easy part. Deciding on what app you should focus on and how it can help your clients (and your marketing efforts) is the hard part. Luckily, mobile app creation can be fun, creative, and rewarding. Unlike traditional web design and many other aspects of online marketing, there’s no one right way to design an app. In fact, apps are still so new that there are hundreds of attorney app ideas that have never even been tried before.

Need help brainstorming? Here are a few more ideas to start with:

  • Create a calculator app that helps clients understand their finances (for example, a calculator that estimates child support if you are a child custody lawyer, or a calculator that examines debt if you are a bankruptcy lawyer).
  • Create an app that collects medical information, organizes doctors’ appointments, or tracks symptoms (for example, an app that holds medical information from a personal injury attorney).
  • Create a worksheet app that can tell clients if they qualify for something (for example, if a family may qualify for bankruptcy or if a foreign worker could qualify for an immigration visa).
  • Create a legal kit app that helps clients navigate a recent issue (for example, a bike accident attorney could create a kit that includes a place to keep notes on the accident, a place to store pictures from the scene, a place to take down witness testimony, and information on where to get legal help).

Mobile marketing is so new that there are a ton of opportunities to be innovative and get ahead of the crowd – and making your own attorney app is a great way to get started. Have questions about going mobile with your attorney marketing? Call our team at Foster today: 888-886-0939.

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