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Jim Dodson is a personal injury attorney in Florida. He is a man as outspoken as he is kind, and I consider him not just a client, but also a teacher and a friend. With over 30 years in practice, Jim has seen every marketing strategy—and every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. Jim hired us in 2011 to redesign his website and help him build a better marketing plan. But things didn’t go as well as he’d hoped, and he ended up stopping his services with Foster Web Marketing (FWM). Here, Jim explains why he left.

“The Foster Web Marketing today isn’t the Foster Web Marketing it was five years ago,” said Jim. “Your company went through periods of growth and frustrations like any business, and I didn’t think things were getting done the way I wanted them to, when I wanted them to.”

So Jim said his goodbyes, having already made a connection with another marketing firm. But what he found was that the grass on the other side of the fence wasn’t all that green. In fact, it hid a swamp of marketing sinkholes.

The Wasteland That Is Generic Marketing

Sitting in his office, Jim felt that, based on what he was paying, he wasn’t getting what he was entitled to from FWM. So he looked around, found a different company whose grass appeared verdant and fertile, and hopped the fence—severing his ties to FWM. The owner of the marketing firm he went with was a friend, someone Jim knew, someone he believed he could trust with his marketing.

“We were gone [from FWM] for two years and during that time went from one disaster to another,” lamented Jim. “My website went into the wilderness. We were producing very, very little for converting web visitors and we were extremely frustrated.”

What Jim found was what so many of our clients find: the world of web marketing is a scary, lonely, confusing place. Alone in this wilderness, led by novice guides without the experience needed to hack their way through the tangle of information regarding SEO, content creation and website maintenance, Jim’s site, and his success, seemed forever lost in a tangle of the very green that had once wooed him. During this time in the wilds his website had gone feral, and he knew he had to get help.

So Jim and I met. I was happy to see him, and not just as a client but as a friend.

“When I met with you, we were just scraping by,” said Jim. “You were gracious enough to invite me back, but we had a lot of work to do to fix the site. We found hundreds of links to disavow. Hundreds. It’s been a slow grind to improve our score, to get rid of all of those bad links. What I found was that you can’t move a website around like that without facing severe consequences.”

Jim Finds His Sherpa

Cleaning up Jim’s site was no easy task and getting back in top condition took a few months. But once his site was up and running, it quickly left the wilderness and got back on a clear path to success.

By his side, slashing through the bad links, broken codes and sup-par content was our Senior SEO Specialist, Zach Stone. Zach and his team scoured Jim’s site, making a concrete plan that would help him make the most of his marketing dollar. And Jim couldn’t be more pleased with Zach’s guidance.

“You guys have the educational information that others don’t,” confided Jim. “What I’m most pleased about is that I’m paying for time to work with someone on your staff. I wouldn’t have understood or fixed any of this if I wasn’t working with Zach. I would be disheartened without Zach; he’s a fantastic guy and I just love him.”

DSS Dashboard

Jim’s Web Contacts Continue to Increase


It’s clear that Jim’s site has begun to recover from its misadventure. We look forward to watching as our partnership continues to produce stellar results.

Shaking Hands, Opening Doors

We can’t take all the credit for Jim’s success. In fact, Jim has taught us much over the years. One of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned from Jim is the importance of making connections.

Jim has always relished meeting new people. He has seen the power that making connections has and makes the most of his networking skills at each meeting or event he attends.

“It’s fun for me; meeting new people, meeting people, getting new ideas,” Jim says with passion. “I don’t do anything where I don’t come away with a new idea or a new contact.”

Final Words of Wisdom From Jim

Get involved in the community. “I’m deeply involved in a charity called Cars for Moms and have many ties to the cycling community. I raise safety awareness for cyclists and put on 10 cycling events every year. These ties to my community help me not only meet great contacts, I’m doing something positive for the people in my area. So to me, the more community involvement the better.”

Diversify your marketing techniques. “I had to learn the hard way that the web is just a tool to get people to my site; it’s not the silver bullet, not the end-all and be-all of marketing. I now write and mail out a monthly newsletter and it’s one of my top converters. This is because my newsletter is very personal. Your herd wants to hear about your dog, your family and the community, not your newest cases.”

Create a retention plan. “Attorneys need to take advantage of every single time the phone rings. This means having a solid intake plan and following up with every lead. Retention is where the money is. It’s a lot of work to check in on old clients, but if you do it right you will stay on their minds and they will refer.”

I’d like to thank Jim for taking the time to talk to me about his life, his marketing. I find his story inspiring and hope that you do as well.

If you’d like to know exactly why your web marketing isn’t converting the way it should, request your free website analysis. We will show you exactly where the holes are in your website and, if you wish, let you know how to fix them.


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