Lawyer Video Marketing: Four More Great Subject Ideas For Your Videos

In our last article, we talked about a number of different ideas for your online attorney video: taping a testimonial, answering frequent questions, sharing case results, and offering a free report or guide. Today, let’s look at four more ideas for your attorney videos – video materials that will engage your readers, add depth to your lawyer website, and optimize your page:

  • Give a tour. When you welcome guests into your home, you show them around. Welcoming online visitors to your website should be no different. Create a video that is a tour of the most useful pages on your attorney website, or else give them a behind-the-scenes tour of your office.
  • Debunk a myth. When researching their legal issue, many potential clients land on your website with several common misconceptions – what attorneys are like, how much their case is worth, or how the legal system works. Use video to debunk these myths and inform your viewers, saving your visitor time while establishing yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Introduce yourself. Unlike text, video is instantly personal: viewers will see what you look like, how you sound, and what your personality is like. Take a few minutes to tell your viewers about yourself, why you became an attorney, and why you love being a lawyer. Share a few facts about your law office, talk about what your mission and philosophy is, and simply spend a moment welcoming your visitors.
  • Call your viewer to action! While many lawyers know that one secret to successful online attorney marketing is adding a call to action to each web page, fewer realize that you should also include calls to action in your videos. Let your viewers know that they can give your office a call anytime with questions, that they can check out your new eBook, or that they can drop by to schedule an appointment.

Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool for attorneys – both from an SEO standpoint and from a personal connection standpoint. If you’d like to get involved in lawyer video marketing, contact us today to talk to an expert.

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