5 Must Haves For Your Mobile Attorney Website

So you're ready for a mobile website for your law firm, but what should you look for? It isn't enough to just have any mobile site - you need a properly designed one. If your mobile visitors get frustrated - which they often do these days - they'll navigate away from your site and never come back.

Going mobile? Make sure you follow these mobile website rules.

  1. Automatic mobile device detection. Your website should be able to detect if a visitor is on a mobile site, and display your mobile website instead of your regular website automatically. This way users don't need to find a special mobile web domain name for you - your site figures it out for them.
  2. Same look and feel as your main site. If your mobile visitors have visited your main site, or if they later visit your main site from their home or office computer, you want the sites to look the same so the user feels comfortable. Different designs will leave them wondering if they're on the wrong website, or may plant a seed of distrust in their mind.
  3. Easy directions, easy to call. Your phone number should be easily accessible, and mobile web users should just have to click on it to call you (click-to-call). Your address and directions with a map should also be easy to find. Remember, the easier you make it for people to contact you, the more likely it is that they will.
  4. Easy navigation featuring your most popular content. Do you know what content on your website visitors go to the most? What pages are the most popular? You can install software like CrazyEgg, which uses heat-map technology to show you which buttons and links on your site people are clicking. Use this information to create a mobile site that makes this popular info easily accessible. Remember, mobile visitors don't like to type, so offer simple navigation that makes it easy for them to find what they need and get in touch with you.
  5. Your mobile site should be the same width as the mobile device. Mobile users don't like having to scroll left-to-right as well as up-and-down. Make all the content fit the width of the mobile device's screen, so all users have to do is scroll down to read the page.

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