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When Google speaks, we listen and so should you. You are probably already well aware of the fact that Google has made changes over this last year. If you’re not, stop reading and check out our article, Will It Ever Stop?! Learn How to Capitalize on Google’s Many Changes.

Google has been causing a lot of upset within the SEO world, as link builders, content writers and Web strategists are trying to adjust to the latest curve ball the search engine giant has thrown. There are countless message boards where people are trying to guess Google’s next move and determine how to weather the upcoming storms. The truth is, it all comes down to content. In Google’s own words, they are “especially focused on helping people find high-quality sites in Google’s search results.”

Ask These Questions

There was a blog entry posted on Google’s website, More guidance on building high-quality sites, which outlines what you need to do. The blog post has a list of questions that you need to ask yourself when creating content for your law firm's website. Below are some of these questions:
  1. Does your website have duplicate or redundant articles? You may feel pressure to produce as much content as possible, but you need to make sure you are not being redundant. You also need to ensure that each page has a unique page title, headline and description.
  2. Does your article present original information or analysis? You are an expert in your field. Don’t shy away from giving your own take on a hot topic or provide information that the average person might not know. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and then write something better!
  3. Did you use your spell check and/or edit the article? This is our paraphrase of two of Google’s questions. Take heed if Google is telling you that spelling, errors and overall sloppy content should be avoided. You might have an interesting topic and have taken a great angle, but if your article is filled with typos, grammar mistakes and other errors, it could hurt you.
  4. Is your article worth sharing? You want people to read your article and think “Wow! I have never thought of that before” or “That is really helpful information that my friends should know.” The idea is to get readers to share your content on Twitter and Facebook, as well as link to it from their website.
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