Web Users Respond to Responsive Web Design – Here's Why

We talk a lot about trends in web design. This is because, in order to stay relevant, it's crucial to stay with—or, better yet, ahead of—current trends. And, while some web design strategies come and go, responsive web design looks like it’s here to stay.

Why Responsive Web Design Is So Hot

Responsive web design is a powerful tool because it responds to the device a site is being viewed on. If potential clients are searching for an attorney on their phones, they will get your mobile site. On a desktop or laptop, they will get your traditional site.

And responsive design has the potential to do more than this. Some sites now respond to the type of mobile device being used. If a touch screen is being used, swiping between pages and columns is enabled. This allows a truly custom website for each of the 1,000 or so devices currently on the market. Imagine trying to create an app for each of these devices – it would be impossible.  

There’s a High Demand for Responsive Design

Trying to navigate a traditional website with a smartphone is very difficult. It takes much zooming in and scrolling to perform even one simple step. If prospective clients click on your site only to find it hard to use on a phone, they will leave your site and move on to a competitor with a user-friendly attorney website.

At Foster Web Marketing, we are ready to embrace this exciting trend. Responsive web design will make your website more effective, get you the clients you want, and help you realize your attorney mobile web marketing goals for this year. Do not be left behind by your competitors. Call 888.886.0939 today!

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