Socktober 2014: The Season for Socks and Giving Back!

A few years ago, a tradition started here at Foster Web Marketing called Socktober. During the month of October, we divide into teams and earn points for wearing their most crazy, colorful, and fun socks. There was no prize; the goal was just to get competitive and have fun with our coworkers!

This year, we wanted to up the ante for Socktober and make the event not only fun, but meaningful as well! Socktober 2014 will be an opportunity to watch the Foster Web Marketing team fiercely and creatively compete with our colleagues while making a difference in our local community—and YOU can help us!

So how does it work? Here are the rules of Socktober 2014:

FWM employees have been divided into three teams. Each team has selected a charity to support. To earn points for their team, they will post pictures of their socks and tag FWM on Facebook. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins.

The teams are:Socks for Socktober!

Team Nerds: Sam, Molly, Karen, Greg, Kyle, Shannon, Sun, Yung, Danielle, Eleanor, and Adam
Supporting: The Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter in Fairfax, Virginia

Team Geeks: Zach, Jamie, Laura, Elizabeth, Matt T., Matt C., Suzette, Gretchen, Beth, Connie, John, Jen, Hannah, and Lindsey
Supporting: Artemis House in Arlington, Virginia

Team Video: Jim, Don, Kat, Gusto, and Sam
Supporting: The Embry Rucker Community Shelter in Reston, Virginia

Who awards all these points?

Buster and Tom are the judges. They can post on behalf of any team at any time if they feel like it. They can be bought, bribed, extorted, flattered, and cajoled. They can award bonus points. They can take points away.

You can help! Here is how you get points for your team:

  • Clients who participate on behalf of a team (and correctly tag the Facebook picture!) will earn two points for each client in socks.
  • Spouses, children, pets, and inanimate objects may contribute , and it is up to the judges’ discretion if these extras will get any points.
  • Extreme creativity may be awarded extra points.
  • Sneaky, scheming behavior may get extra points—or may lose you points.

How does charity come into play?

Each team has selected a charity to represent for the month of October. The team with the most points at the end of the month will get to make a cash donation on behalf of Foster Web Marketing to the charity they've selected! Throughout the month we’ll accept donations, with a big push for donations the final week. You don’t get points for donations; you just give what you can if you can (and get your friends and family involved!)

Acceptable donation items:More socks for Socktober!

  • Nonperishable food (for example, canned vegetables, fruit, fish, or meat)
  • Socks, of course!
  • Clothing
  • Volunteer time (for example, donate your time helping to serve food at your local shelter, volunteer in your community, etc.)
  • Household goods, furniture, or appliances

Let the games begin!

Want to play? Just post pictures of your awesome socks and tag Foster Web Marketing (as well as #teamname) to Facebook! The more you post, the more points you earn for the team you are supporting, as well as for the charity! If you have any questions, please call us at 888-886-0939. And have a happy—and fiercely competitive—Socktober!

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