Five Reasons NOT to Use Webcams for Your Online Attorney Videos

Why invest in professionally produced attorney web videoswhen you can just use the webcam on your laptop or desktop computer? While it may seem less complicated, less time-consuming, and less expensive than going to the experts, the cons heavily outweigh the pros. Below, we've listed five major reasons that lawyer webcam videos don't make the grade:

  • Poor video quality. Although the picture quality of web cameras has improved in recent years, the small devices don't come near to producing the quality images captured by professional equipment. Lighting is often a major problem - you have probably seen webcam videos in which the subject is poorly lit by nothing more than the glow of their computer screen or a desk lamp.
  • Poor sound quality. Webcams aren't compatible with external microphones and therefore produce poor quality sound - including sounds that you don't want in your video, like outside traffic or whatever is happening next door. If your visitors can't hear you clearly, why bother to make a video?
  • Limited scope & bad angles. Since webcams are fixed on computer monitors, many web videos are shot at fixed angles - and poor ones at that. You may have seen webcam videos in which the person pictured seem to be looking down on you - or you are looking down on him. These bad angles can be distorting and distracting.
  • Boring backgrounds. Again, because a webcam is attached to your computer, your video background will be whatever your computer faces. In many cases, that might mean a distracting window, a messy office, or a bland wall. A professional video studio allows you to take control of your background, and a green screen offers a limitless wealth of options.
  • Bad associations. Webcams are popular with amateurs, teens, confessional bloggers, and, yes, adult websites. When a visitor sees a webcam video, many immediately assume that not much time, effort, or thought went into the video.

A well-produced lawyer video can lead to great backlinks, awesome exposure, better page rankings, more conversions, and a more personable website. However, a poorly-made attorney video can leave visitors unassisted and unimpressed. At Foster Web Marketing, we are committed to making high-quality video for lawyers that has our clients looking and sounding their best. Call us today at 1.888.886.0939 to learn more.

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