Some people are already getting their panties in a bunch over the changes to the Facebook News Feed. As with every change in the past, users will cry, pout, and threaten to leave the social networking site.

But we don't have time for that nonsense—and neither do you. Instead of taking your ball and going home, learn more about how the changes can improve your social media marketing efforts. And strike while the iron is hot.

Ads Take Center Stage

The old Facebook News Feed featured small, low-quality ads that didn't do an effective job of reaching a targeted audience. The click-through rate for ads on Facebook was much lower than the national average. Facebook hopes to correct this by displaying ads right in the news feed instead of shoved onto the side of the page. They will also be larger, more vibrant, and hopefully better able to catch the eye of users.

In addition, Facebook has finally embraced hyper-targeted marketing. It's now much easier for small businesses, such as your law firm, to focus in on their ideal clients. If you choose to advertise on Facebook, you will be able to define the parameters of your ads to include the gender, age group, interests, and geographic region of targeted audience members. It has also gotten easier for advertisers to track who is looking at and clicking on their ads. The cost has become low enough to allow even very small businesses to get into the Facebook advertising game.

Changes That Affect Your Posts and Page

With the new News Feed in place, users are able to fully customize their experience. They can choose from an expanded list of News Feed options, and one of those options is viewing only the pages they follow or like. This means that your posts have a better chance of being seen by users who choose this option and like your page. It also means that your posts need to compete with other, perhaps more interesting liked pages. Therefore, it's crucial that you keep your content current and, above all, intriguing.

Another News Feed option is to view only images. For you, this means that it's more important than ever to embrace the use of video and images. The more often you post good-quality, interesting pictures and videos, the better you will be able to stay in front of your audience.

For more information on the best way to take advantage of the News Feed changes on Facebook, call 888.886.0939. We can help you capitalize on the changes and improve your attorney social media marketing strategies.

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