New to Twitter? Here Are 5 Things Every Attorney Should Know

As a lawyer (who wants more cases) you have to be in a place where your prospects can find you. We’re not just referring to your physical location. What we are talking about is being found online.

Social media has exploded and we are now at a point where it has become a part of our society. Twitter plays a major role in the social media world. According to the company’s website:
  • In March 2011, an average of 460,000 new accounts were created per day.
  • Over the past year, there has been a 182% increase in the number of mobile users.

Tips to Improve Your Twitter Success

If you are even thinking about jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, there’s no time to waste. With numbers like the ones above, you can’t afford to miss out on the huge marketing potential. Below are five things that will help you succeed with your Twitter campaign:
  1. You have to follow others to get them to follow you. One of the biggest hurdles that newbies on Twitter face is getting people to follow them. The key to attracting followers is to follow others. The concept is simple – when you follow someone on Twitter, he or she will most likely follow you in return. You can read more in our article, The Big Secret to Twitter Revealed to Attorneys.
  2. Your postings should be focused on your prospects. Your tweets need to educate, motivate or even entertain your ideal clients. If you want to build a following, and even encourage re-tweets (when people pass along your posts to other people), you have to be engaging.
  3. Use Twitter to get inside the minds of your potential clients. If you ever wanted an opportunity to discover what your prospects are thinking, you now have your chance. You can use Twitter to uncover what is of interest to your target audience and to pinpoint their needs and desires.
  4. Find out what people are saying about you. Social media, including Twitter, has given people a platform to express their opinions about businesses, whether good or bad. You can use Twitter’s search feature to find out if there is any chatter about your law firm.
  5. Engage and participate on a regular basis. If you want to succeed on Twitter, you will need to become an active participant. Post interesting tips or comment on news stories to show that you are the industry expert. Make sure that you are devoting time to Twitter either on a daily or weekly basis.
To learn more, order our free report, Twitter for Attorneys.

If you are wondering if there is anything else you can do to boost your attorney Internet marketing campaign, contact us today at 888.886.0939. We’ll review your current marketing efforts and provide insight into how you can improve.
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