Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Website Design and Marketing for Attorneys, Doctors, and Other Professionals

Below are some questions many clients have when they first contact Foster Web Marketing about the online marketing world.

The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find your answers here, you should contact us for answers to any questions specific to your firm.

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  • What is DSS?

    DSS is known as Dynamic Self-Syndication, a content management and SEO tool that Foster Web Marketing created and developed. The purpose of DSS is to help business owners easily control their website by:

    • Updating content – Once you learn DSS, it is easy to make fast changes to your site at any given time. If you want to change your headlines or page titles, DSS makes it simple to add keyword-rich titles and update your content within seconds.
    • Adding content – You have complete control over your attorney website. This means that you can add content yourself or allow someone helping you with your marketing and SEO efforts to add an article, blog, frequently asked question or video right to your website in a matter of minutes. DSS makes adding page content to your site easy.
    • Deleting content or a web page – When there is content on your website that you no longer want or is no longer pertinent, you can delete a website page without penalizing your site in search results. DSS creates a redirect link (directing web traffic to another relevant page on your site). This means that potential clients and search engines won’t see an error message if they land on a page that has been deleted – maintaining the integrity of your website.

    This content management software will give you access to every page of your website so you can have complete control over it—adding pages, updating content or even deleting website pages.

    For questions about DSS or for help with your attorney online marketing and SEO efforts, call Foster Web Marketing at 888.886.0939.

  • Why Do I Need Social Media?

    You are not alone in asking this question. In fact, many small business owners often ask this same question. If you are trying to grow your business, then it is critical to your success to be involved in social media.

    It may surprise you to know that many people turn to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to find a doctor, chiropractor, personal injury lawyer, accident attorney or referral in their social communities. If your business does not have a Twitter or Facebook page, you will not be found. Thus, you will miss out on business. This is no different than lawyers who advertised on television early on. They got all the cases, while other attorneys who did not embrace new technology ignored the new opportunities to market their business. Do not let this happen to you. Embrace change and become part of the social community to market your business in new ways.

    Even the search results page in Google shows you why it is important to be social. Search engine giant Google is highlighting the importance of the social search and has started ranking Google+ at the top of the results to showcases sites that your social community has interacted with. What this means is that Google ranks pages that people like in your social community higher than other results.

    Talk to the attorney website marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing today for help with your social media and SEO needs. Call 888.886.0939 today. 

  • How should I follow up with a new website contact?

    The entire point of your attorney website and online marketing campaign is to get potential new clients to contact you. But what do you do once the initial contact is made? It’s a fine line to walk between being helpful and being pushy – and between pressuring a person and ignoring their needs. How should you follow up after an initial website contact? 

    • Send them helpful information. Try not to pitch your business or your benefits over and over again. Instead, show them that you have the knowledge to help their with their legal issue – and that you continue to care about their needs. 
    • Don’t wait too long. Many people make the mistake of waiting a week or more to follow up with a potential client. During this time, they might have gone elsewhere or forgotten about their conversation with you. You can contact someone the day after an email or phone call without being pushy. 
    • Don’t follow up with a form email. The potential client will recognize a form letter or a courtesy call. Instead, be sure to talk specifically about their concerns and show that you have thought about their issue during the time between contacts. 

    Getting contacts is the hard part, but turning contacts into clients is not easy, either. To learn more about successfully marketing your law firm online, from creating an attorney website to keeping clients, call Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939. 

  • How much time should I spend managing my attorney website?

    Unfortunately, there is no magical amount of time (or money!) that you can invest in your lawyer website that will make it successful or that will get you a certain number of clients. However, it is important to understand that, each time you update your website, check your Google Analytics numbers, or review your overall marketing strategy, you are improving your online presence and taking a step toward success. 

    Many attorneys believe that if they just throw enough marketing dollars at their website or advertising campaigns, they won’t have to worry about calls coming in. Truthfully, though, many lawyers can take daily marketing tasks in-house with management systems like Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) and invest small amounts of time to keeping their website current and fresh. You or a member of your law office can use our content management system to add an article or blog post, check recent contacts, and see how your current marketing campaigns are faring. 

    At Foster Web Marketing, we believe in getting our clients involved in the process of creating a lawyer website and taking control of their online marketing strategies. We respect those who want lots of assistance, and we respect those who would like to take the reins. Want to get started? Contact us today at 888-886-0939. 

  • How many pages should I have on my attorney website to make it successful?

    Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this question – there’s no magic number of pages on your lawyer website that will secure you the number-one spot on the search engine, and there’s no limit to how many pages you can have. However, there are a few general guidelines: the more pages you have, the more chances you have of getting new visitors, getting new clients, and getting new contacts. 

    However, just because more pages are always better – both for search engine optimization and for your readers – it doesn’t mean that the quality of your pages should go down. Always make certain that each page you add is relevant to your practice, that each page contains accurate information, and that each page offers your reader something new and thoughtful. Repeating the same information on multiple pages, using duplicate content, or keyword stuffing will harm your page rank and your online reputation. 

    At Foster Web Marketing, we believe in making high-quality, effective attorney websites – and in training our clients to continue the success of their websites after the initial work is done. Through our Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) web content management system, you can add as many pages to your website as you wish. To learn more, contact our web design and marketing team by calling 888-886-0939 today. 

  • If I decide to work with you, how many pages can I have on my attorney website?

    During your initial consultation with Foster, we’ll discuss just which pages we will create for you as part of your main attorney website – these pages usually consist of a home page, several practice area pages, an About Us page, a Contact Us page, a testimonials page, a video page, a blog page, and several library article pages. We also work with clients to add custom pages of their choice at this time if they choose. 

    However, it is important to understand that, in addition to this foundation of pages that will help improve your search engine optimization (SEO), we also give our clients the tools to add as many pages as they please through our Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) web content management system. During the process of creating your website, we will also teach you how to use this system to add your own pages to your attorney website quickly and easily – from adding blog entries and articles to uploading videos, testimonials, and recent case results. 

    At Foster Web marketing, we love to help attorneys from around the country develop new, effective websites – but we also love to help them learn how to improve and update those websites in the months and years to come. To partner with our web design team to develop your lawyer website, call 888-886-0939 today.  

  • I want to use Google AdWords to market my law firm, but I’m new to pay-per-click advertising. How can I make the most of it as a beginner?

    Pay-per-click advertising, like Google AdWords, is a great way to get exposure and drive targeted traffic to your attorney website. Unfortunately, it also comes with a steep learning curve that many people find intimidating. Here are a few basic suggestions for making the most of Google AdWords and similar pay-per-click marketing avenues:

    • Reach out to an expert. If you’re new to the world of online attorney marketing, or if you’re just new to pay-per-click marketing, it’s worth it to take the time to learn more. One of the easiest ways to do this is to reach out to an online marketing company that can help you get started on the right foot. 
    • Pay attention to your keywords. Make sure that you’re putting your money into the keywords that will actually help you reach an audience of potential clients. Don’t choose keywords that are too general, and try to incorporate the locations you’d like to target.
    • Analyze the results. Make sure you’re using analytics tools and taking the time to think about what’s working and what isn’t. Make appropriate changes, if needed, and seek help if your campaign seems to be performing poorly. 

    If you need help with a Google AdWords campaign for attorneys, reach out to our helpful online attorney marketing experts today at 1-888-886-0939. We’d be happy to help you get your AdWords campaign started, and we can help effectively manage your long-term pay-per-click campaign and make sure it’s working for you. 

  • Are there any disadvantages to using Google AdWords to market my law firm?

    It’s reasonable to say that most people these days are turning to Google when they need answers, and that’s part of what makes Google’s pay-per-click AdWords service a real boon for online attorney marketing. The potential wide exposure and the ability to target a specific audience make AdWords a tempting investment – especially since you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad! However, despite its many benefits, there can be a downside to a Google AdWords campaign for attorneys

    A Poorly Managed Google AdWords Campaign Can Be Money Down the Drain 

    If you’re not managing your AdWords campaign carefully, then you could just be wasting money. If you’re not using appropriate analytics tools, carefully researching and choosing keywords, and constantly adjusting to Google’s many changes, then it’s likely that either no one is seeing your ad or you’re getting traffic without conversion. 

    Additionally, even the most effective AdWords campaigns can take a little time to really take off. It’s likely that you’ll be tweaking and adjusting your keywords and settings for a while before you really are able to target the audience you’re looking for and see the real long-term benefits. 

    A Steep Learning Curve

    Pay-per-click advertising comes with a steep learning curve, and it can be hard to find the time to make the adjustments that really make it hum. If you’re interested in starting a pay-per-click campaign for your law firm, we’d love to help you get started. Just give our online attorney marketing experts a call at 1-888-886-0939, or fill out our easy online contact form for more information!

  • Are there any disadvantages to social media marketing for attorneys?

    Social media marketing for attorneys can be a powerful tool to grow your practice, but there can be disadvantages if you fumble in how you handle it. Using social media poorly or inappropriately can hurt your law firm rather than help it, and it’s worth taking the time to learn more about appropriate use of social media before you dive in. 

    If you want to use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to market a law firm online, keep in mind that proper social media use takes:

    • Time. If you’re doing social media right, then you’ve probably already discovered that it’s a time-consuming process that generally requires daily attention. 
    • Effort. Just having a profile isn’t enough – you will need to post interesting and relevant content regularly, keep up with any changes, and keep an eye on things with analytics tools.
    • Engagement. Social media requires a certain level of engagement. Be prepared to get your audience talking, and be ready to respond promptly to comments. 

    Sound like a lot of work? It certainly can be. However, social media marketing is becoming more and more important to both your online audience and your attorney SEO efforts. Don’t miss out on new clients and new contacts because you don’t have the time or the skills to master social media marketing. Just give the online marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing a call at 1-888-886-0939 to learn more about how we can give your social media presence a professional boost. 

  • Can I write my own free book offer for my lawyer website, or do I need help?

    We don’t like telling our clients that they can’t accomplish their own marketing projects and campaigns successfully – and that includes telling our clients that they don’t have the ability to write their own free reports and book offers for their lawyer website. The truth is that many attorneys are able to write their own reports as long as they have the knowledge and will to do so. 

    Before beginning your book, ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Do I have the time and energy to invest in this book? 
    • Am I able to clearly express my ideas in writing – without the technical talk? 
    • Do I understand what features and benefits a free offer book should have? 
    • Do I understand what my potential clients want to learn from a free book? 
    • Do I have the ability to lay out my book and design the cover? 

    If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write your own book, it simply means that you may need to educate yourself about e-book writing or that you may need a little help from an editor or designer along the way. At Foster Web Marketing, we encourage our clients to learn about the lawyer website marketing projects that they are investing in and to participate to any extent that they wish. To discuss your possible new e-book or to learn more about our services, call us today at 888.886.0939. 

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