Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Website Design and Marketing for Attorneys, Doctors, and Other Professionals

Below are some questions many clients have when they first contact Foster Web Marketing about the online marketing world.

The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find your answers here, you should contact us for answers to any questions specific to your firm.

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  • What should I do if my Google AdWords copy is disapproved?

    It can be alarming and discouraging to get an email from Google stating that one of your AdWords ads was disapproved. However, this does not spell doom for your attorney website AdWords campaign – there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue:


    1. Find out which ad (or ads) was disapproved by going to your AdWords account.
    2. Understand why your ad was disapproved (an issue with the text, an issue with your website, an issue with your marketing strategy, a violation of a specific AdWords rule, etc.).
    3. Determine whether you need to make changes to your ad, your website, or your marketing strategy. Your mistake may be as simple as a grammar problem or a missing line of text, or as serious as an inappropriate marketing technique, such as directing readers to a website that isn’t related to the keyword.
    4. Edit your ad, change your website, or change your marketing idea. If none of these solutions seem appealing, consider an online marketing strategy other than Google AdWords. 


    Do you need assistance with your law office Google AdWords campaign? We can help. Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939 to learn more about how we can help you improve your online lawyer marketing results.

  • What are the length requirements and rules for my Google Adwords copy?

    A Google AdWords ad can be an extremely effective strategy for getting targeted, local traffic to your attorney website. But writing the ad itself can be a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the limitations and requirements set by Google. Here are the current rules for writing a Google AdWords ad:


    • The headline of your ad can be a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces.
    • The first and second description lines of your ad can be a maximum of 35 characters, including spaces.
    • The display URL (the fourth and final line of your ad) may be 35 characters, though long URLs may be shortened using services like TinyURL and bitly.
    • The display URL cannot be replaced with a third line of description.
    • Your second line of description is not allowed to lead in to your URL.
    • Your text cannot appear to be cut off or interrupted.
    • Your website should be relevant to the keywords your ad is based upon.
    • Ads cannot mimic email inbox subject lines.
    • Ads cannot contain a call to action, such as “click here.” 
    • Ads cannot contain excessively bad spelling and grammar.


    Do you need assistance with your Google AdWords copy, or do you want to learn how a Google AdWords campaign could help your attorney website? Contact Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939.

  • What are some good ideas for my offline marketing?

    An effective online marketing strategy for law firm websites can and should be strengthened by an active offline marketing plan. Traditional marketing tools and interaction with your local community can support and even bolster your lead generation and acquisition of customers.

    Every local community is different and an offline marketing strategy should be targeted to acquire your ideal client in your area. There are several good ways to get started today. Here are a few:

    • Distribute a newsletter – This is an effective marketing tool that has been used by a number of Foster Web Marketing clients. For example, attorney Ben Glass frequently sends out a newsletter and even has a dedicated website for it.
    • Engage the local community – There are many ways to get involved locally, like sponsoring events, providing free presentations, or working with schools.
    • Write for your local free newspaper or periodical – Many communities have free publications that are meant to serve the public. Writing articles related to your practice areas in these publications can help raise awareness of your firm and what you offer.

    Navigating the many potential marketing channels that are available to your firm can be a daunting challenge—optimizing them can be just as challenging.

    Contact Foster Web Marketing to get the help you need in optimizing your attorney website by calling 888.886.0939.

  • How do I get more visitors to my attorney website?

    While it can be tempting to want a super high hit count for your website, it is far from the most important online metric. What matters more is converting visitors into customers.

    However, some ways to get more visitors to your attorney website can also do much more than that. For example, writing content can both improve your visitor count and improve your ability to turn page viewers into clients.

    Write More and Better Content

    There is a reason that content is king. Having more and better content can not only generate more traffic, but drive higher quality traffic to your website. The right kind of content will attract the right kind of visitor.

    Write News Articles

    News articles can certainly drive more traffic to your website. However, with news articles, it is possible to get visitors that quickly leave your website. Instead, it is useful to have content that attracts and engages high quality visitors. One such approach is to answer the questions of your potential clientele by having Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website.

    Write Frequently Asked Questions

    To write FAQs for your website, it is useful to imagine who your ideal customers are and focus on what you think their most pressing questions are. Then write answers to their follow on questions. Once you write one answer, you can link to another FAQ page on your website. This engages your visitors and allows users to click through to obtain the information that is relevant to them.

    Foster Web Marketing is well-known for its high-quality lawyer website design. Contact us today to get started on generating high-quality traffic and to improve your lead generation and conversation rate by calling 888.886.0939.

  • What is organic link building?

    There are two major types of link building: links that occur naturally and links that you negotiate with others, either through an exchange, a partnership, or a paid agreement. Organic links – links that happen naturally – take place without you asking to be linked to and without agreements or exchanges.

    There are several advantages to organic link building. Organic links are free, they often come from more relevant and quality websites (such as new sites), and they are more likely to effectively drive more traffic to your website while also increasing your search engine PageRank. In addition, while paid links are often looked at in a negative light by many search engines, organic links are rewarded. However, it is also important to understand that organic inbound links can also be significantly harder to come by, especially since, by definition, you can’t engineer these links yourself.

    What are the best ways to increase the number of organic links to your attorney website? Strong content, unique content, video content, and fresh content can all help increase the interest in your site and lead to great inbound links.

    Learn more about increasing the organic links to your law firm website from the experts at Foster Web Marketing. Call us today at 888.886.0939.

  • What is link building?

    When search engines like Google attempt to find the best content and most helpful pages for their customers, they often take into account how many and what kinds of other websites have linked to each page they evaluate. They believe that, if a page is linked too often and by quality websites, then it will likely be a helpful and relevant page for those searching the Web.

    Because search engines use inbound links (links from other websites that point to your website) as a big factor when it comes to PageRank, an important factor of search engine optimization (SEO) is building great, quality links to your website. In addition, having popular, high-quality inbound links will often increase your website traffic and improve your reach and authority.

    By investing time and resources into link building, you can improve your web presence, improve your search engine rank, establish helpful partnerships and relationships with other websites, and increase the overall traffic to your website.

    Are you ready to start building links to your attorney website – both organically and through partnerships? Foster Web Marketing can get you started and teach you what you need to know. Call us today at 888.886.0939 to talk to one of the members of our lawyer marketing team.

  • You guys keep talking about “white hat” SEO and why it’s important, but I’ve seen my competitors outrank me on Google using what you call “black hat” techniques. What’s The Point of “White Hat” SEO if These Other Sites Can Outrank Me?

    Sites that use link farms, keyword stuffing, hidden text, and other techniques designed to outsmart Google’s algorithm may benefit from a traffic spike in the short term, but they only stand to lose users in the long term. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to weed out the sites which use these unsavory tactics, and it’s a pretty good bet that those sites will—sooner or later—face penalties.

    Google Search has a single goal in mind, and that goal is connecting users to the best match for their search queries. If you’ve cheated your way to the top, then your potential clients won’t find what they need—and Google will notice. Is a spike in traffic now really worth losing those contacts and your page ranking later? Probably not.

    When it comes to “white hat” SEO, what we’re really talking about is helping you create and optimize a website that informs, answers questions, provides great content, and engages users—so that your page rises to the top because it really deserves to be there. “Black hat” SEO always will be about cheap tricks, trying to find a way around Google’s efforts to penalize you, and leaving users disappointed.

    Don’t Disappoint Your Potential Clients

     “White hat” search engine optimization may seem complicated, but in the hands of a professional it’s almost like magic. Let us handle your online attorney marketing and do the hard work while you focus on what you do best: practicing law and building relationships with your clients. Speak with a member of our expert attorney search engine optimization team today at 888-886-0939, or fill out our online contact form for more information.

    To learn more about marketing on the Web and making the most of what’s out there, take a look at our must-read book, The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make with Their Websites, and take your law firm marketing to the next level!

  • How can I help potential clients find my online lawyer videos?

    It’s no use making compelling online lawyer videos if nobody is going to watch them! Promoting your web video is just as important as creating it. If you want to reach out to potential clients with your attorney web video, pay attention to the following elements:


    • Content. Content is always king. Make sure you use your web videos to answer frequent questions, clarify important issues, or communicate vital information. This will help keep your viewers engaged, and it carries the added bonus of helping you build a sense of trust with your potential clients.


    • Title. Pay attention to the title of your video. Is it catchy? Does it explain what the video is about?


    • Description. Your video’s description should explain more about what the viewer should expect to learn from the video and include keywords that help the search engines (and your potential clients) find you.


    • Promotion. Once you’ve filmed your attorney videos, put them out there for your potential clients to see. Share videos on Facebook, add them to your blog, and use them on your law firm’s website.


    For more information about tagging and promoting your online videos, see our FREE book, How to Get Found by the World’s Most Aggressive Internet Users and Never Miss Another Lead.


    If you need help creating excellent attorney videos and making sure they are found by potential clients, speak with the online attorney marketing experts with Foster Web Marketing. Just give us a call today at 888-886-0939, or simply fill out the online contact form on this page!

  • Okay, I set up a Twitter account for my law firm. What should I Tweet about?

    Many attorneys know that having a Twitter account can help get new clients and great local exposure. But many don’t really know what they should Tweet to keep their audience interested and engaged. Here are a few ideas:

    • Link to your newest blog post, article, or case results. One of the best uses of Twitter is to get your social media audience to visit your website.
    • Report on local news related to your practice. Twitter is often used for local news, and users love to get updates on stories that affect them.
    • Share a personal update or picture. While your Twitter feed shouldn’t be all about you, social media is a great way to humanize your practice. Post an inspirational quote from a book you are reading or a picture of a trip to the beach you took with your family.
    • Re-Tweet important Tweets from the legal world. Twitter is about connecting with others and sharing important information. Be sure to follow the important legal feeds, and pass on any pertinent breaking news.

    Do you need help improving your online attorney marketing strategy or breaking into marketing through social media? The team at Foster Web Marketing can help. Call us today at 888.886.0939 to get started.

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