How Can I Promote My Attorney YouTube Channel?

If you’ve made a number of attorney videos, edited them, and posted them on your law office’s YouTube channel, then you are already on your way to finding success through online video marketing. However, there are a number of things that you can do to promote your YouTube channel and promote your videos.

First and foremost, make sure your videos have SEO titles, keywords, and annotations. A great number of people find videos through search engines, so having keyword-rich titles and descriptions is key to getting new, unique visitors who are actively seeking legal information. Second, be sure to share your videos on your website, your blog, and your social media outlets, so that all of your readers have a chance to see your video, repost it themselves, and read about it. Third, be sure to stay active on YouTube by leaving interesting, knowledgeable comments on other people’s similar videos or even making response videos.

If you consistently promote your videos in the three ways mentioned above, you should see an increase in your video views and your YouTube channel subscribers. If you still need assistance with your lawyer videos or lawyer video marketing, give Foster Web Marketing a call today at 888.886.0939.

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