How can I use social media websites to promote my attorney video?

Making a killer attorney video is only half of the battle – you also have promote that killer video so that potential clients actually see it, share it, and act on it. It’s a great start to post your lawyer video on your website, but you shouldn’t stop there. Sharing your video on various social media websites can help your video get views, receive comments, gain traction, and even go viral. Here’s where you can start:

  • YouTube. This is the most popular social media platform for videos, and you should share all of your videos on a law-firm-specific YouTube channel. Keep in mind that millions of internet surfers use YouTube as their primary video search engine.
  • Facebook. Post your video on Facebook and watch as all of your fans watch it, comment it, and “like” it. Half of Facebook’s users browse the site every single day, which means that a large number of people who follow you will see your video post.
  • Twitter. Tweet a link to your video along with a pithy blurb about why the video is important to watch or what questions the video will answer.

Promoting your attorney videos doesn’t have to take huge amounts of time – it can simply consist of posting your work on a few social networking sites and making sure your online community has a chance to watch. If you’d like more tips and assistance from our online attorney video team, contact Foster Web Marketing today at 1-888-886-0939.

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