How long should my attorney book or free legal guide be?

Generally, your free lawyer book or legal guide should simply be as long as it needs to be to clearly convey the information that your reader is looking for. Don’t try to draw out a subject unnaturally, and don’t cut out vital information just to make a book shorter. However, you should note that you may wish to call any document shorter than 20 or 30 pages something other than a “book” so that your audience isn’t disappointed by its length. For shorter projects, choose a word like “guide.”

If you are writing a book-length guide—anything over 30 pages or so—make sure that you break up large blocks of text with chapters, subheads, bulleted points, graphics, and pull-out quotes. Even if your book is long, it should be easy on the eyes, easy to flip through, and easy to read out of order.

If you are writing a shorter book—anything under 20 pages or so—be sure to say so when advertising the download on your website so that readers know what they are getting. You may also want to include a general outline or table of contents on the landing page so that readers understand what information is included in the book.

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