What is Facebook Graph, and how will it affect my law firm’s social media marketing efforts?

Facebook Graph Search is a way to search within Facebook. It takes data from Facebook, and only Facebook, to create custom search results.

Think of Facebook Graph Search as a hyper-local, hyper-personalized Google. Results are based only on information gathered from Facebook and, specifically, from your group of Facebook friends.

For example, if you wanted to find out which hairdresser friends in your city use, you could search for just that. You would then get personalized results based on the Facebook activities of your friends.

Facebook Graph Search is a big deal for small businesses like yours. More people are using Facebook to not only catch up with their long lost friends, but to connect to the products and services they use. And, now, their friends’ likes, comments, and check-ins will help determine if your law firm comes up in their search results.

Facebook Graph Should Affect Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Because of Facebook Graph Search, you should be working harder to maintain your Facebook page. If you build an interactive, informative page on Facebook, more and more people will like, comment on, and share your posts. This will help you get found during a Graph Search.

For instance, if you have created a dynamic, interesting page and a friend of a fan asks Facebook Graph Search for "divorce attorney my friends in San Antonio like," your name will pop up first. As an attorney, this new way of searching holds great marketing potential.

With Graph Search, your name already comes with some serious street cred. The results show the searcher that their friends have already endorsed you and your law firm. And, if their friends and family members have been talking about you, you must be good.

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