What is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app?

If you are looking for a website that will run on a smartphone and contains all of the info you have in DSS  (that's our custom content management system, if you don't have a site with us already) as well as easy ways for your clients to contact you, you want a mobile website. If you are considering a software application that will interact with your clients in a specific way, you may want to consider a mobile app.

At Foster Web Marketing, our mobile websites are custom-designed websites that display the same content as your main website. Your clients will see all of the content that you have on DSS, and they will also be able to click a button to call you or click a button and get quick directions. Our mobile sites are basically fully-functional versions of your current website, made to work seamlessly on a smartphone.

A mobile app is a way for you to provide a service to your customers. You can create an app for pretty much anything. You could do an app for auto accident victims that allows them to report information about their accident. Or, you could create an app that allows injury victims to track data (medical bills, lost wages, doctor visits) about their case, making it easier for you to get the information you need. Think of a mobile app like a little software application that runs on a smartphone.


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