What should I do if my Google AdWords copy is disapproved?

It can be alarming and discouraging to get an email from Google stating that one of your AdWords ads was disapproved. However, this does not spell doom for your attorney website AdWords campaign – there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue:


  1. Find out which ad (or ads) was disapproved by going to your AdWords account.
  2. Understand why your ad was disapproved (an issue with the text, an issue with your website, an issue with your marketing strategy, a violation of a specific AdWords rule, etc.).
  3. Determine whether you need to make changes to your ad, your website, or your marketing strategy. Your mistake may be as simple as a grammar problem or a missing line of text, or as serious as an inappropriate marketing technique, such as directing readers to a website that isn’t related to the keyword.
  4. Edit your ad, change your website, or change your marketing idea. If none of these solutions seem appealing, consider an online marketing strategy other than Google AdWords. 


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