Why do lawyers need video on their website and on YouTube?

Videos are an excellent way to spark interest and traffic on your website. If the video is displayed on YouTube, this will help direct users to your site. Once on the site, be sure to have more videos, whether they are viral, conversion, or educational. They all work and will benefit you!

This type of marketing is needed because it will provide unique users to your site, and it will also provide a constant user. A future client is more likely to stay on your site if a video is provided. If your video is two minutes of education, you have just received high marks from Google's Panda tool. It is excellent to have unique users and garner traffic, but it is even better to create loyalty. Videos help make this happen.

Videos also have a way of adding credibility to your lawyer web marketing, especially when it is an educational video. This allows the user to learn from you. If the video is well put together and does not look like a quick 15-second clip from a camera, your information will appear relevant and useful. The future client now looks to you as someone with their needed information and establishes you as the expert. This makes your site and your practice the solution to their problem.

Video Is Personal

This way of communication drives your site into the 21st century and, despite the use of technology, it is more personal to the user. They see your face, hear your voice, and listen to your expertise all before stepping foot into your firm. Video will set your web marketing apart from other firms and lawyers who do not use public speaking as a way of connection. Use video as a way to establish your authority, expertise, and credibility.

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