World of Marketing Podcast

In this series, Tom interviews a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including lawyer web marketing, video marketing, former NFL players, fellow marketing experts—you name it. Register to receive notifications for each week’s live stream.

We’ll talk concept, we’ll talk mindset, and hell, we’ll even talk casual—because the world of marketing doesn’t have to be so serious. Marketing can be fun, and if you want to see how that can be accomplished, tune in! 

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  • Adam Rossen - Real Life is Definitely Not Law & Order FL Attorney Adam Rossen and Tom talked about how speaking opportunities at counselor conferences help educate others and to generate new business
  • AJ Yolofsky - From Marine to Star Estate Planner Florida Attorney AJ Yolofsky and Tom talked about how he has developed his marketing and runs his business based on principles he learned in the Marines.
  • How Mike Monteforte Doubled His Site Visits In a Day Massachusetts Attorney Mike Monteforte and Tom talked about how difficult it is to market estate planning to people and the creative ideas that have helped him find success.
  • Big Ed Hits the Big Ideas Ohio Attorney Ed Littlejohn started out writing marketing copy for his dad’s martial arts gym. Ed and Tom talked about how his direct mail campaigns have led to a boom in business.
  • Your Life, Your Story, Your Book Nancy Erickson went from the high-tech corporate world to running a book coaching and publishing business. Tom and Nancy talked about how everyone has a story to tell, but it just may take a little coaching to tell it.
  • At Any Level, How You Put Clients First Bill Voss owns and runs a variety of businesses, from a property insurance claim law firm to a marketplace that sells guns and ammo. Tom talked to him about how he runs all his businesses with this community driven and client focus.
  • Meet Your Goals With the Right People Tom talked with Jay Henderson about how his test helps leaders learn more about their potential employees, and how to focus their teams to be more efficient and productive.
  • From the Mind of a Mensa, A Journey Tom and Attorney Dave Frees discuss how direct mail, videos, and nurturing your list can lead to your success. Dave’s Business Black Ops trains professionals to transform their businesses using military and civilian forces tools.
  • From Shag Carpets to GLM Marketer of the Year Tom talked with Scott Swier and his office manager, Sara, about how following the principles of GLM, writing readable content, and using community marketing and social media have become their “pillars of success.”

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