The Importance of Content Audits and How to Do Them Well

Did you know that old, outdated or underperforming pages can act like quicksand, slowly pulling your website down and suffocating your business?

Worried? Don't be! In this webinar, our own Tom Foster sits down with our awesome SEO gurus, Zach Stone and Laura Johnson to show you how to use tools like DSS and Google Analytics to either rewrite poor content or get rid of it—and how to know which option is best for each page! 

A few of the topics we cover include:

  • How content audits improve user experience
  • Why this is important for rankings; Google wants quality content, not quantity!
  • Improving the overall "health" of your website (which also leads to better rankings)
  • How to determine which pages are positively or negatively impacting your site
  • A very handy "Content Audit Flowchart", to help you determine which pages to update, and which pages to delete.
  • How to delete old content without creating 404 errors

We've even provided you with the slides to this webinar, so you can access this information anytime you need it!

Join us for the May 2014 webinar to learn how to create landing pages that attract and free offers that convert!

Join next month's webinar by visiting and filling out the registration form!

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