Lawyer Website Design Firm Shares Overall Marketing Strategy

In this video, CEO of Foster Web Marketing, Tom Foster, and Virginia DUI and reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle, discuss bringing important marketing goals together. 

There are three major marketing goals that Tom and Mr. Battle emphasize: attraction, conversion, and retention. It is very important to focus and bring these three marketing goals together. Tom explains that many companies suffer from only focusing on one of the three goals. As a result, they are unable to maximize their marketing platform, which limits the firm from achieving a high return on investment.

Mr. Battle explains that many lawyers may not even focus on any of the three goals. It is not uncommon for lawyers to be skilled at only the practice of law and to know almost nothing about running a business and marketing. He continues to explain that Foster Web Marketing not only provides the vital three aspects of online marketing, but also educates its clientele. These are things that simply are not taught in law school and are not even taught by other marketing firms.

If you want to launch a marketing campaign that can change your business and can attract, convert, and retain clientele, call Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939.