There’s No Excuse for Not Using Web Video to Convert Visitors into Contacts!

Do you get sick of us telling you how important Web video is to your website? Well, we’re going to tell you again – if you aren’t using online video to convert Web visitors into contacts, you are missing out!

Video Spokesmodels
There is really no excuse not to incorporate Web video in your attorney Internet marketing campaign. In one of our previous articles, we talked about how you can use a video spokesperson to represent your firm and attract the attention of your prospects.  We went as far as including a link in the article to a group of video spokesmodels who are available to create dynamic video for your site.

Doing Video Yourself Just Got Easier
You might be more of a “do-it-yourself” type of person and if so, there is great news for you regarding Web video. YouTube has announced a new online video editor that will make the process of getting videos online a whole lot easier.

According to YouTube’s blog post, “Edit video in the cloud with the YouTube Video Editor,” this video editor allows you to:   

  • Consolidate your uploaded videos into one longer video
  • Trim both the beginning and ending of your Web videos
  • Incorporate music from YouTube’s AudioSwap library of songs
  • Develop new videos without having to hassle with file formats, which can be published on YouTube with one simple click

This new video editor eliminates the need to install software packages, plus you don’t have to be advanced in your technical abilities. You can check it out in YouTube’s TestTube.

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