Why Do Attorneys and Doctors Consider Us
the Web Marketing Authority?

Your attorney website and marketing initiatives often form the first impression prospective clients, patients, or customers will have about you and your firm. It isn’t “About Us,” it’s about your success as skilled professional investing in a proven Foster Web Marketing (FWM) integrated solution.

Over 300 law firms, medical practices, and other professional organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada are benefiting from a Foster Web Marketing website and strategy right now. Since 1998, FWM’s mission has been to provide effective web marketing support and technical solutions for attorneys.

The Foster Web Marketing team has been a co-host of the Great Legal Marketing National Summit for many years; at this conference they educate attorneys on ethical real-world marketing strategies and techniques. FWM attorneys, physicians, and other service professionals are attracting, converting and retaining their perfect clients with this proven methodology, inclusive of effective website designs and Internet marketing initiatives.

FWM has gained a solid reputation as a “secret weapon” for its clients. By staying ahead of the technology curve, and anticipating their clients’ business needs, FWM is getting results for its clients.

What Can You Expect From FWM?

We don't deal in B.S. Instead, we provide real Business Solutions!

  • No sugar coating here: we give you the real deal on your Internet marketing. You’ll get a fully functioning website that has all the bells and whistles you need straight out of the box; all you need to do is fuel it!
  • Web marketing education so you can do it yourself, or decide to have our team do it for you.
  • Creation and management of your firm’s editorial calendar, unique customized content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), video production, social media, and more…
  • Excellent customer service to ensure your success

Why Invest in Foster Web Marketing for Your Success?

  • We know how to attract the customers, cases, clients, or patients you’ve been looking for
  • FWM doesn’t automate; we communicate and customize your firm’s online marketing needs to your voice and brand.
  • Foster Web Marketing publishes thousands pieces of original customized content per month for its clients; we don’t use cookie-cutter techniques.

The Foster Web Marketing Philosophy

We are recognized authorities on online marketing and strategy. The foundation of FWM’s philosophy is about conveying trust, professionalism, and confidence in all their communications for your firm or business. Many of our successful clients have walked away from other web marketing companies that boasted they are experts but only took their money without giving them the personalized service required to ensure their success.

Most people seeking lawyers, doctors, and other highly skilled service suppliers are in trouble and need help. Establishing an impressive and responsive website that anticipates and empathizes with both the immediate and long-term  needs of your prospective clients is the best formula for your success. FWM supports each of its many attorney websites with our proprietary Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) Solution. Creating a website that serves not just as a sales tool but also as an informational resource for someone injured or wronged makes your website more demonstrably empathetic and useful. Visitors will stay on your website longer, return to it later, and refer it to a friend or loved one.

Over 300 Foster Web Marketing attorneys, doctors, and other professionals know that a successful marketing solution takes time, money, and commitment. All of these ingredients must be present for your firm to be successful.

Foster Web Marketing is not for everyone, and we don’t work with everyone who requests our services. All prospective clients are prescreened; we work only with firms that are serious and committed to their success. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to get the success you went to school for, then contact us today at 888-886-0939 to find out how our record of success can become yours.