Target your legal marketing efforts where you show common interests with your best clients

When you first got involved with the online marketing for your law firm or medical practice, you probably focused on what all business owners focus on—keywords! It’s okay, because you are not alone in that. But the reality is that will only get you so far and additionally, it is ridiculously competitive and very narrow thinking. Even more important is making sure your name or brand is out there in the best possible way through reviews, case results, and testimonials—and that you get it in front of as many people as possible. With that said though, you may quickly find out that you’re going to need a little more focus than either of those strategies alone. So while all your competitors are busy trying to be seen by everyone on the planet, you can save time and money by focusing on what’s really important. It’s time to ask yourself: who are your ideal clients or patients?

How Can I Figure Out Who My Ideal Clients Are?

Think about your favorite cases. What makes them great? A lot of times, what makes a case great isn’t really about the case—it’s about the people. When you start thinking about your perfect client, you need to start by thinking about the people and families you’ve enjoyed working with most. When you have those faces in your mind, ask yourself:

  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do?
  • Are they usually clients, or a family member of the client?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What sites do they visit online?
  • What are they reading in their spare time?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What kind of insurance do they carry?
  • What are their priorities in life?
  • Do they respond better to formal communication or informal chats?

Remember too that you may have different perfect clients for different kinds of cases. Is your perfect client in a medical malpractice case the same as your perfect client for a work injury case? Don’t be afraid to think through all the details, even if they don’t seem important. You need a clear idea of exactly who your ideal clients truly are to make this really work for you.

Are you feeling a little stumped? Ask them! When you have great clients walk through your door, get to know them! Ask them about their interests, their hobbies, and what they read. Also, when you wrap up perfect cases, make sure you talk with them and get a good idea of how they found you and what they responded to.

How Can I Find My Ideal Clients Once I’ve Determined Who They Are?

Great! Now you can summon up a perfect picture of your perfect client. It’s not over yet, though. It isn’t enough to just picture it. You have to put that knowledge into practice. It’s time to use your vision of your perfect clients to reach out to real people by:

  • Focusing on the avenues that your perfect client or perfect patient is most likely to respond to. Your goal is to put useful, relevant content in places your perfect clients will see it. Are they going to be searching with Google or browsing social media? Where are they most likely to click on your ads? What kinds of terms do they use to describe what they need?
  • Finding ways to create commonality. You need to seem approachable to your ideal client and highlight what you have in common. How can you change up your newsletters and email campaigns to build bridges? How can you show your ideal client that you are a real person and you really understand their needs? Almost all law firm and medical practice websites look the same…but they don’t have to. What makes your firm or practice memorable is what stands out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show.

This all requires some extra work on your part, but it’s worth it when more of the contacts you get are the contacts you really want.

Need a Great Example of the Idea in Practice?

Check out our client Hupy & Abraham. They’ve figured out their specific ideal clients—bikers—and used that knowledge to highlight their commonality with those perfect clients. Their attorneys are also riders, and they use that to get involved with bikers’ rights, awareness campaigns, and other efforts that really resonate with the people they want to reach. It keeps them in contact with the potential clients they really want to work with, and it also adds personality that other searchers remember, even if they only drive a car.

How Can I Make Sure Those Clients Can Find Me?

Along with the things you do to reach out to your ideal clients, you also need to make sure that they are able to reach you. Every facet of your marketing efforts should be laser-focused on making sure the people you want to work with are able to find you when they need help. You want to be the top choice on the search engines and tools they use, and you have to make sure you have a strong place for them to land when they do decide to click.

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