Why Foster Web Marketing Is Different

Simply put, we teach you how to do marketing YOUR way. Because we do everything our way too. We are a unique web marketing company in that instead of using mediocre standards like everyone else does, we create our standards. We create excellent law firm websites that convert, and we provide high-level marketing and strategic services that actually work when executed properly. We want excellent clients just like you do. We aren't just for anyone that comes along with a blank check. We are looking for others like us, that have a sense of purpose, of a mission, a journey.

Our focus is teaching our clients how to create the best user experience for their clients from start to finish, this is not your cookie cutter, just like everyone else’s web design WordPress templates. What we produce for your law firm or medical practice is finally something unique to you, customized uniquely for you because it is designed together with you. Your brand, your design, targeting the perfect client that you want to work with, it’s all unique to you.

Of course, it's your results that ultimately matter as they are the measurement of all things. And to be honest, our clients' results are all over the place, some are wildly successful while others have failed and moved on to another company, unable to carry out the mission and strategy we provided them. We also have many many successful clients that we have worked with for over a decade that are flourishing in their markets and chosen practices. Success is totally dependent on you, not us. We will give you the tools and instructions to get you to your marketing goals, but you are the one that has to commit to the process and all that it entails in order for it to work.

We strive to make attorney web marketing easier by building trust and giving clients direct access to the tools they need to market themselves effectively. Since 1998 FWM has a reputation for being one of the best boutique web marketing companies for law firms and medical practices.

Why Invest in Foster Web Marketing for Your Success?

  1. We know how to attract the customers, cases, clients, or patients you’ve been looking for
    • By staying ahead of the technology curve, and anticipating their clients’ business needs, FWM continues to get results for our clients. What more do you want?
  2. FWM doesn’t take shortcuts; we communicate and customize your firm’s online marketing needs to your voice and brand.
  3. Our web marketing company is recognized authorities on online marketing and strategy.
    • The foundation of FWM’s philosophy is about conveying trust, professionalism, and confidence in all our communications for your firm or business.
  4. We’ll tell you how to do it!
  5. You and your marketing team can use this information to create a sustainable and powerful marketing strategy, or you may realize that you want us to handle it all for you.
    • No matter which path you choose for your business, you can be confident that Foster Web Marketing will provide you with an ethical, honest, and powerful marketing plan.

Foster Web Marketing is not for everyone, and we don’t work with everyone who requests our services. All prospective clients are prescreened; we work only with firms that are serious and committed to their success. If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to get the success you went to school for, then contact us today at 800-866-0939 to find out how our record of success can become yours.