Managing your relationships with former, current, and prospective clients has always been an important part of doing business. However, it can be hard to keep up with your leads and contacts in an increasingly online world, where the first impression may be made long before you have face-to-face contact. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps podiatrists, lawyers, and other professionals automate, manage, and maintain some of those classic relationship management tasks, which can be a huge relief for professionals already maintaining a busy practice. But, if you want CRM software that will truly work for you and set you free, you need to find the right tool for the job.

DSS: Easy Customer Relationship Management Backed With Powerful Performance

Have you been struggling to keep up with your contact list, or have you been fighting with confusing CRM software that limits what you can do? DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication) is our powerful, proprietary marketing-management solution, and our optional CRM features make it a cinch to maintain contact with the people who matter most to your business.

DSS CRM helps you easily take control of a wide range of relationship management tasks, including:

Contact management.

Automatically collect contact information from the people who reach out to you, or manually enter important leads from other sources. DSS lets you import and export existing contact lists, and its built-in tagging features make it easy to create and send campaigns to a tailored audience.

Email follow-up sequences.

Create offer pages and customized web forms for your website, as well as automatically follow-up with clients who take action to connect with you. With DSS, you have the flexibility to set up separate campaigns for each kind of contact you receive, so you can automatically take advantage of and organize all the leads your efforts bring in. You choose how and why a contact is entered into the campaign list, the content of the emails, and the length and frequency of contact. DSS also makes it easy to change or update the forms, campaigns, and pages you create.

Email blasts and newsletters.

Newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with clients, referrals source, and other people who help make your business great. Short “email blasts” can also be very effective when you have news, changes, or new services to announce. DSS helps you create professional-looking newsletters and emails with tailored templates so that you can send out a finished product that looks sharp and is consistent with your branding. You have full control over when your newsletters and emails are published, and you can easily choose which contacts or lists you want to reach out to.  

Tracking and lead management.

DSS helps you track leads and monitor the performance of your email campaigns, which is a crucial step for success. In DSS, you can easily see the number of opens, opt-outs, and clicks from your email campaigns, and you also have access to other tools that give you important insight into what’s working best for your practice and contacts.

Client feedback and customer service tasks.

DSS streamlines the post-service process and helps you encourage more feedback from your current and former clients. Automated feedback campaigns drive more positive reviews and testimonials, as well as offer the chance to respond to unhappy clients before they are motivated to leave a negative review. DSS also makes it easy to publish positive feedback and testimonials directly to your website.

Other marketing tasks.

DSS is so much more than just a CRM tool. It’s a powerful, all-in-one solution to some of the biggest marketing tasks our clients face. We’re also constantly updating and improving DSS to provide simpler, more innovative solutions to complex marketing problems. Feeling intimidated? Our webinars, user forums, and friendly staff provide ongoing education and support while you hone your skills.

Looking for a better solution to customer relationship management? Request a free demonstration of DSS today.

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