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Your Reputation Is Everything. Take Control With Our Reputation Management Services

Bad reviews and past mistakes can tarnish your good reputation online, even when you’ve spent years building your brand. The hard truth is that people will search for your business online, and they will weigh your reputation against your competitors before they make a decision. They’ll look at what people have to say about you, and the reviews they see will be powerful motivators, whether for or against you.

You can’t really “erase” anything that’s been published online, and reviewers can say absolutely anything they want about their experience with you (excluding a few extreme situations).

So What Options Are You Left With?

As an attorney, podiatrist, or another highly skilled professional, your reputation is the whole foundation of your business. Managing your reputation is crucial to your success, but it has to be about more than just avoiding negative buzz.

When your reputation management is handled with skill and care, you can move beyond reactive “damage control” and start creating the proactive, positive vibes needed for people to put their trust in your brand.

At Foster Web Marketing, we provide reputation management services for law firms and medical practices designed to take control of business's online reputations and make a good impression on potential clients and contacts.  

DSS: Reputation Management Made Simple

The DSS Reputation Management Tool is a powerful ally for physicians and attorneys who want to improve their reputation and review strategy. DSS makes it easy to cover all the most important bases, including:  

  • Making sure your information is consistent and correct across the Web. Your name, address, phone number, practice name, and other basics about your business appear on all kinds of sites, from Google Maps to Yelp. Even minor mistakes or inconsistencies can confuse search engines and the people searching for you, setting you up for a bad customer service experience from the start. DSS helps you monitor your online profiles, so that your business looks consistent and professional—no matter where you appear. 
  • Keeping tabs on the reviews you receive. Your review strategy is a big part of online reputation management. You need to be ready to both respond to potentially harmful reviews and thank people for the positive reviews they leave. Remember, a bad review can still end up reflecting well on your business if you respond promptly and provide excellent customer service. DSS makes it easy to see what people are saying about you and show that you’re invested in providing a great experience.  
  • Providing great customer service and generating positive reviews. The best way to get good reviews is to ask! DSS lets you build follow-up campaigns that gently and ethically remind happy clients to leave reviews and give unhappy clients the opportunity to leave feedback. The automated follow-up process means that you are instantly able to provide excellent customer service, build positive reviews, and respond to negative experiences before they become negative reviews.

Learn more about how DSS can put the control back in your hands. For a free demonstration of our Reputation Management Tool, call or contact our marketing experts today.

Are You Ready for a Reputation Makeover?

Your online reputation is a complex thing, and it affects every aspect of your business, including your ability to attract new clients, maintain trust with past clients, and build relationships with other businesses and industry contacts.

Beyond the tools we offer with DSS, partnering with our talented marketing team gives you all the support and resources you and your team need to build your online reputation, including:

Are you a passionate professional who is worried about how you look to the people who are searching for you? We have solutions to your reputation management problems.

Give us a call today (888-886-0939), and let us help you shine.

Reputation Management Resources for Attorneys & podiatrists

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Client Case Study

A partner client, Deloach & Hofstra, took an excellent approach to the reputation management process.
  • Education - helped informed the firm on the importance of reviews in today’s marketplace.
  • Pick the review sites to focus on - Google, Facebook, and Avvo are all great to start on.
  • Identify the clients to focus on - loyal past and current clients along with business partners in the local community who’ve used their services.
  • Timing - the team requested feedback as cases came to a close or when clients seemed happiest
Pro Tip: In some cases, hiring an attorney is not necessary. However, if a client receives free legal advice, seeking reviews is completely legitimate and almost always results in positive feedback!


Deloach & Hofstra 6-month statistics
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