Free Marketing Resources for Doctors, Lawyers, and Business Owners

The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make With Their Websites

This report will demystify common SEO (search engine optimization) practices and help your ongoing efforts to capture more prospects and clients.

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Explode Your Practice Through Internet Marketing: A How-to Guide for Attorneys

Use these Internet marketing strategies and techniques to get more potential clients—not just visitors!—from your website.

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The 9 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Physicians Make That Cost Patients and Profits

Physicians are not expected to be marketers, but you are running a business and marketing is a critical factor to your success!

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Stop Writing Boring Content! Learn the Secrets to Content That Gets You Cases, Clients, and Customers

The secret to converting clients from your site is the content on the page. Stop turning people away with boring content!

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Social Media for Doctors That Finally Gets You the Patients You Want

A step-by-step guide for doctors on how to use every social media platform to properly promote their compassionate nature and their medical practice!

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Unleash the Power of Social Media and You Can See Your Law Firm Prosper!

Lawyers know they need to take advantage of social media—but most have no idea how. This FREE report will guide even beginners to success with social media.

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Are Your Videos Ruining Your Chances for Success?

Are you making these eight mistakes with your videos that could be handicapping all of your efforts?

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Are you struggling to market your business online? Do you need some help refining your marketing to get you the rankings, clients and revenue you need to be successful?

Take a step toward your goals with Foster Web Marketing's FREE marketing resources. The books and training materials below contain proven methods that businesses like yours have used to increase their clients and customers and get the cases and patients that they are looking for. Our books are based on real-world experiences and they will teach you techniques that have proven to work when executed correctly.