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You’ve Been Told Content Is King When It Comes to Your Website, but That’s Only Partially True

It’s all about the content, right? Not quite. It's true that all websites require a variety of content, both to attract an audience and also to give search engines something to crawl. But the key to having a website that attracts your ideal visitors and also converts them into potential new business is writing relevant content—and that is an art unto itself. Fortunately, our SEO content writers specialize in crafting professional-grade, relevant, and engaging content for law firms, medical offices, and other professional services websites.

Our SEO Content Writers Produce Copy that Informs, Engages, and Inspires

Relevant content consists of three key components. Think of the mechanics that go into operating a car. You need an engine, fuel to run the engine, and of course a driver. Take any one of those pieces out of the equation, and the vehicle simply isn’t going anywhere. So, what are the three necessary ingredients to crafting relevant content? They’re really quite easy to identify, but all too often ignored.

Inform Your Audience: Your  Law Firm's Copywriting Needs to Be Educational

All visitors to your website are potential clients, and your content needs to speak directly to their needs. They’re looking for a product, a service, or an answer. Your website’s content needs to provide the information they’re seeking.  

Keep in mind that the information you’re presenting to your audience needs to be written for them—not for you. This is a common mistake many attorneys and doctors make when crafting content. Too much industry jargon will confuse your readers and lead them to seek answers elsewhere.

Remember, when someone is seeking an answer to his problem, she doesn’t really want to read content that appears to have come from a textbook. She’ll respond much better to common, everyday language. That's why our content writing team works closely with you to capture your unique tone and voice in the content we produce.

Engage Your Audience: Entertain Through Storytelling

Humans are hardwired to respond to a well-told story. We certainly don’t recommend beginning each page with “Once upon a time,” but we do strongly suggest framing your content in a manner that flows in the same way a traditional story does. What does that mean? It means that there needs to be a logical order and flow to your content.

Here at Foster Web Marketing, our skilled SEO content writers understand precisely how to convey your message in a style that will resonate with potential customers and be easily readable by Google and the other search engines.

Remember, visitors are coming to your website first and foremost for information. When you’re able to provide exactly what they’re looking for while simultaneously connecting with the part of their brain that relishes a good story, you’re bound to leave a positive impression.

This leads us to the third—and perhaps most important—element of your website content.

Inspire Your Audience: Generate Leads by Prompting Action

So far, your professionally-drafted site content has provided prospects with the valuable information they’ve been looking for, and you’ve done so in a manner that guides them in the same way a great story leads an audience. When those two steps are done properly, your content will resonate with readers on an emotional level. Now is the time to ask them to take action.

Whether it be a free book available for download on your website, a link to an additional page on your website containing even more relevant information, or even a simple request to call your office, this is your opportunity to turn browsers into customers.

Are You A Lawyer Or Doctor Who Wants To Learn How Solid Content Can Earn You More Clients?

If you are seeking a trusted, authoriative partner to help you write content that not only attracts but actually converts into clients, Foster Web Marketing is here to help. Contact us online or call our office directly at 888.866.0939 to schedule your free consultation. We have been helping clients throughout the United States and internationally since 1998 are confident we can help you not only reach, but exceed your goals.  

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Our SEO Content Writers Know the Legal Industry

Now, ask yourself this question: is your team capable of regularly producing the content you need to be successful? Foster Web Marketing is! And here’s another secret we’re willing to share: we don’t create content all alone in some secret bunker. Creating quality content is a collaborative experience.

Our team of legal content writers works with you to create content specific to your firm. If you enjoy writing but would like to be able to craft better content, we’re right beside you. Maybe you realize your efforts are better focused on servicing your clients and would rather leave all content creation to our skilled wordsmiths. We can do that. Perhaps you fall somewhere in between being hands-on and totally distanced from content altogether. Foster Web Marketing is able to fill that gap as well.

We utilize both current and former attorneys as part of our content writing team. The unique perspective these attorney copywriters bring to the table allows us to publish legal website content that's been demonstrated time and time again to generate results.

What Is it Like to Work With Our Legal SEO Content Writers?

  • You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire where you will identify who you are, your tone and style, your perfect client, and what makes your business different from your competitors. Your answers will help lay the foundation for your content strategy and ensure your content is a true reflection of who you are.
  • We will meet with you to discuss your questionnaire answers, uncover any details that weren’t covered in the questionnaire, and determine how your content will be used on your website.
  • We’ll create original, informative, engaging, and inspiring content that speaks to your perfect client.
  • Once content creation for your website begins, we will ask you to review it and provide feedback to ensure we’re meeting your needs and the needs of your perfect client.
  • Once we have your tone down, we will coordinate with the marketing services team to ensure your content plan aligns with other marketing and advertising efforts.

Foster Web Marketing Offers Much More Than Just Website Content

We work with you to learn everything we can about your specific practice, the type of clients you’re trying to attract, and what makes your service stand out from the crowd.

Our content writers are able to take this knowledge and create fresh, unique, relevant content and grow the depth of your website monthly. The search engines appreciate this type of attention and so will your audience. But our content service doesn’t stop there.

Content isn’t just limited to what goes on your law firm's website.

We Provide a Full Range of Legal Writing Services Including:

Law Firm Press ReleasesLaw Firm Press Releases

We will ask about recent accomplishments, newsworthy cases, and relevant changes to your specific practice area. This information is then crafted into a press release intended to position you as an authority figure, providing, even more, credibility to your business.

Legal White PapersLegal White Papers

Our experienced writers can focus on a specific area that piques the curiosity of your prospects. We will write a 10-page report on the topic of your choice which you can then offer as a free download on your website—a great way not only to grow your database but to inform your audience on the subjects they find most important.

Book Writing for AttorneysAttorney Book Writing

Have you ever dreamed of being a published author but don’t feel you have the time or ability to write a book? Our attorney book writing services empowers you to have a 30-page manuscript, complete with a customized cover, that you can then provide to prospects. Having a book ghostwritten in your name not only provides an immediate sense of celebrity status and credibility to your practice, but it’s also an amazing tool to convert leads into clients.

Email Drip Campaigns for AttorneysEmail Drip Campaigns

Automated email marketing, when written and presented properly, is an incredible method to nurture prospects and keep your business front and center in their minds.

Learn More About Our SEO Content Writing Services for Attorneys

We’ve been helping lawyers and doctors create compelling content for nearly two decades—and we look forward to working with you.

To learn more about our writing services contact us today at 888-886-0939 or simply fill out our convenient contact form.

We can’t wait to help you inform, entertain and inspire your potential leads.

The Killer Content Blueprint: 5 Essential Rules for Crafting Online Content to Connect With Your Perfect Clients, Patients, or Customers

The Killer Content Blueprint: 5 Essential Rules for Crafting Online Content to Connect With Your Perfect Clients, Patients, or Customers

Get the second edition of The Killer Content Blueprint to learn the secret to attracting the RIGHT leads and converting them to clients!

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