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Awesome Content Is the Foundation for the Most Successful Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

When lawyers dip their toes into digital marketing, the first impulse is almost always to dump a ton of money into digital ads and pay-per-click. Eventually, though, they hear about something called “content marketing,” and it’s a big a-ha moment. 

“You mean I can post content to my website, and I don’t have to pay for every click?!”

“You mean I can educate and entertain people instead of spamming sales messages?”

“You mean I can increase traffic and leads by just…starting a blog?”

Yes! Yes, you can! 

And, in most cases, it’s a ton more effective than paid advertising. When you turn ads off, you lose everything you’ve put into them. Meanwhile, the content on your website keeps working quietly behind the scenes, and you can keep reaping the benefits for years. 

In fact, the more content you add to your site, the more powerful it becomes over time! 

You Can’t Just Post Blog Spam and Say It’s “Content Marketing”

Yes, content makes your marketing more powerful. But you can’t just spam any kind of content to your website. If it were that easy, everyone would be slaying it all the time! 

There’s actually a lot of nuance involved, and there’s some real science you have to apply. Your content has to be written for the right audience, in your brand style, and according to the rules that allow Google to properly index it and rank it highly for the keyword searches you want to capture. 

And that’s online the beginning of content marketing! There are all kinds of other optimization steps you need to consider, like appropriate titles, headlines, on-page links, images, backlinks, and more. There’s always a lot going on in the world of content marketing and search, and it’s a lot to keep up with on your own. 

So, you either need to deeply educate yourself on how to write content that works for both Google and your perfect clients, or you need to hire an experienced writer that knows the tricks of the trade. 

Already convinced that a great writer could change your life and your law firm? You can contact us to discuss a plan for the ongoing content strategy of your dreams, or you can choose from the one-off options available in our Shopify store

Content Is the Whole Reason Your Perfect Clients Search Online 

Think about this for a minute. Without content, there is no internet. And, without content, there is no Google Search. Articles, blogs, FAQs, emails, landing page copy—these are all the things your perfect clients are searching for when they get online, check their phones, or ask Alexa or Siri to find something for them. (By the way, voice search using long-tail keywords is a huge deal, with over 41% of mobile users now searching by voice. If you don’t know what that is, you really need to talk to us.)

Every single one of the approximately 5.6 billion searches performed through Google Search every day is looking for content—whether it’s content that answers questions, content that makes you laugh, content that summarizes complex topics, content that tells you where to go, or content that tells you what to do next.

Are you ready to be the lawyer that is at the top of the search when your potential “perfect clients” start searching online? 

Start stocking your website with exceptional content, and you’ll start attracting and converting the organic traffic and leads you need. 

I won’t lie, as I said before—there’s definitely a science to it. But, when you work with the right writer, the results you get can feel like pure magic. 

(Looking for video content, too? We have you covered with video production for law firms.) 

Hire an SEO Content Writer That Targets, Engages, and Motivates With the Written Word

Not all content is equal. There are actually tons of great writers out there that struggle to write effective online content and copy. And that’s because, to be truly effective, any writing you do for your website also has to be optimized, relevant, and targeted for the kinds of leads you want to attract. 

We’ve built a team of writers that understand law firms and their marketing. We write for online audiences every day, and we know exactly what it takes to produce highly relevant, SEO-targeted content that drives clients and cases online. 

Whether you’ve been doing all your writing yourself, or you’ve just been letting your content strategy slide, we’re here to build a strong foundation for you and take all that work off your plate.    

Click here to get started.

By the way, our writers can do more than just write the targeted content and copy you need for your website. We also write books and whitepapers, law firm newsletters, and much more. 
Questions about what we can do to perfectly fit the needs of your law firm? Give us a call at 888.886.0939 or fill out the contact form below.

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Our SEO Content Writers Know the Legal Industry

Now, ask yourself this question: is your team capable of regularly producing the content you need to be successful? Foster Web Marketing is! And here’s another secret we’re willing to share: we don’t create content all alone in some secret bunker. Creating quality content is a collaborative experience.

Our team of legal content writers works with you to create content specific to your firm. If you enjoy writing but would like to be able to craft better content, we’re right beside you. Maybe you realize your efforts are better focused on servicing your clients and would rather leave all content creation to our skilled wordsmiths. We can do that. Perhaps you fall somewhere in between being hands-on and totally distanced from content altogether. Foster Web Marketing is able to fill that gap as well.

We utilize both current and former attorneys as part of our content writing team. The unique perspective these attorney copywriters bring to the table allows us to publish legal website content that's been demonstrated time and time again to generate results.

What Is it Like to Work With Our Legal SEO Content Writers?

  • You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire where you will identify who you are, your tone and style, your perfect client, and what makes your business different from your competitors. Your answers will help lay the foundation for your content strategy and ensure your content is a true reflection of who you are.
  • We will meet with you to discuss your questionnaire answers, uncover any details that weren’t covered in the questionnaire, and determine how your content will be used on your website.
  • We’ll create original, informative, engaging, and inspiring content that speaks to your perfect client.
  • Once content creation for your website begins, we will ask you to review it and provide feedback to ensure we’re meeting your needs and the needs of your perfect client.
  • Once we have your tone down, we will coordinate with the marketing services team to ensure your content plan aligns with other marketing and advertising efforts.

Foster Web Marketing Offers Much More Than Just Website Content

We work with you to learn everything we can about your specific practice, the type of clients you’re trying to attract, and what makes your service stand out from the crowd.

Our content writers are able to take this knowledge and create fresh, unique, relevant content and grow the depth of your website monthly. The search engines appreciate this type of attention and so will your audience. But our content service doesn’t stop there.

Content isn’t just limited to what goes on your law firm's website.

We Provide a Full Range of Legal Writing Services Including:

Law Firm Press ReleasesLaw Firm Press Releases

We will ask about recent accomplishments, newsworthy cases, and relevant changes to your specific practice area. This information is then crafted into a press release intended to position you as an authority figure, providing, even more, credibility to your business.

Legal White PapersLegal White Papers

Our experienced writers can focus on a specific area that piques the curiosity of your prospects. We will write a 10-page report on the topic of your choice which you can then offer as a free download on your website—a great way not only to grow your database but to inform your audience on the subjects they find most important.

Book Writing for AttorneysAttorney Book Writing

Have you ever dreamed of being a published author but don’t feel you have the time or ability to write a book? Our attorney book writing services empowers you to have a 30-page manuscript, complete with a customized cover, that you can then provide to prospects. Having a book ghostwritten in your name not only provides an immediate sense of celebrity status and credibility to your practice, but it’s also an amazing tool to convert leads into clients.

Email Drip Campaigns for AttorneysEmail Drip Campaigns

Automated email marketing, when written and presented properly, is an incredible method to nurture prospects and keep your business front and center in their minds.

Learn More About Our SEO Content Writing Services for Attorneys

We’ve been helping lawyers and podiatrists create compelling content for nearly two decades—and we look forward to working with you.

To learn more about our writing services contact us today at 888-886-0939 or simply fill out our convenient contact form.

We can’t wait to help you inform, entertain and inspire your potential leads.

The Killer Content Blueprint: 5 Essential Rules for Crafting Online Content to Connect With Your Perfect Clients, Patients, or Customers

The Killer Content Blueprint: 5 Essential Rules for Crafting Online Content to Connect With Your Perfect Clients, Patients, or Customers

Get the second edition of The Killer Content Blueprint to learn the secret to attracting the RIGHT leads and converting them to clients!

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“A special thanks to Cody Moulton and his team at Foster Web for guiding us in the right direction by slowly building a strong online foundation, first starting with our website, and then helping us with our content, which raised our organic search engine ranking in all of our practice areas to where we want to be. And now we can build on that foundation with specifically targeted digital marketing campaigns that keep our phones ringing every day. We would recommend Foster Web to any boutique firm looking to build a strong long-lasting foundation.” – Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group, PC,

Marketing Services

You are the expert when it comes to your business, and we are the partners, guides, and coaches you need to get the ball rolling and maintain momentum. Whether you have an in-house marketing director or just yourself, we can work with you on campaigns, both large and small. Our talented, passionate team can work with you to produce right-fit solutions to search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), video production, content writing, and more. Ready to collaborate? Contact us now.