Law Firms Sustain Success With Engaging Print Newsletters

While other businesses use newsletters to promote sales, specials, and new products, attorneys often overlook newsletters as a marketing tool because they’re not selling a physical product—they’re selling their personality and services. However, when personality matters, an engaging newsletter can be a surprisingly powerful way to reach new contacts by word of mouth and gently reinforce your brand.

Partner With Our Experts to Build a Newsletter That Converts and Keeps You Top of Mind

Whether you want a partner who can take an active hand in your law firm's newsletter creation or want to do it yourself with expert guidance, Foster Web Marketing is here for you.

We help law firms develop engaging newsletters, and then we take it to the next level by:

  • Making it easy for contacts to subscribe
  • Providing consistent branding that harmonizes with your overall marketing efforts
  • Formatting and editing newsletters to show you in your best light
  • Developing content that engages readers and motivates them to take the next step
  • Collaborating with you to develop appropriate offers, polls, contests, and promotions
  • Delivering your newsletter in the format that is right for you
  • Developing follow-up campaigns to keep contacts engaged
  • Managing and expanding your contact lists, with a focus on quality over quantity
  • Following best practices and adhering to rules for bulk mailing
  • Tracking your success and helping you improve with time

When you partner with Foster Web Marketing, you also gain access to our powerful DSS™ marketing automation software, which puts the power in your hands to build newsletter templates, schedule publication, manage contact lists, and more. Want to see the benefit for yourself? Call us today for a free DSS™ demo (Link to DSS demo page).

How Do I Write Content for My Law Firm's Newsletter?

Newsletters should contain a mix of great content, and it’s important to keep it varied so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You might consider including:

  • Case studies
  • Inspiring stories
  • Testimonials
  • Explanations of complex ideas in layman’s terms
  • How-to articles and helpful hints
  • Opinion pieces about relevant topics
  • Office news, upcoming events, and staff highlights
  • Interesting anecdotes and insight into the personality or history of your brand

You’ll want to plan for about half a dozen short articles per newsletter, along with some relevant graphics or images. The layout should look professional, and the content should be easy to read and skim through.

Not confident as a writer? Partner with our professional writers and editors to produce a newsletter that hits the mark.

When Should I Send Out My Newsletters?

For newsletters, the real trick is to send something out often enough to stay on your readers’ minds, but not so often that you become a nuisance. This might mean publishing a quarterly newsletter while you develop your strategy and build trust, or it might mean publishing a monthly newsletter for an existing—and enthusiastic—audience.

You can also test your performance depending on the day of the week or time of the mailing. Having trouble striking the right balance?

Give us a call at 888-886-0939 to talk with one of our newsletter marketing experts about getting the timing just right.

How Should I Send My Newsletters to My Contact List?

At Foster Web Marketing, we encourage podiatrists, attorneys, and other professionals to take advantage of both online and offline marketing efforts, and newsletters are no exception. We can help you partner with printing services to prepare your newsletter for mailing, email your digital newsletter to your contact list for you, and post PDF files of your newsletter on your website for access anytime.

The choice is all up to you and what your contacts respond to best.

Connect With Us So We Can Help You Connect With Your Target Audience

The best newsletters are created with a laser focus on your goals, purpose, and overall marketing strategy. You need to know that you are putting out high-quality content, and you need to be consistent to bring in contacts and cases with your efforts. But, when it all comes together, the reward is worth all the hard work.

If you aren’t sure how to get started or what your strategy is, you can always lean on our newsletter marketing experts for support and guidance. At Foster Web Marketing, we partner with law firms, medical practices, and other businesses to create newsletters that gracefully promote your services, while keeping contacts engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Ready to learn more? Reach out to us now.