Most law firms, large and small, will agree that the most important thing about attorney web marketing is that it brings you the kinds of cases and clients you want and are suited for.

So you might want to ask yourself this simple question: Is it doing that right now? Maybe not if you are reading this! Maybe it means you are not particularly happy with how well your digital marketing is doing, or maybe you are just wondering what other, better, options there are.

If you are looking for freedom to do your own marketing and the control to do it yourself then you should consider a different way of thinking. Most attorney web marketing companies just do it all for you, and that’s fine, we can do that too, but we offer another alternative that many law firms find very appealing. And that is the ability to do it all in-house. Of course, all the tools and knowledge is provided to you and your staff, it’s just up to you to carry out the strategy...


  • There are many options for you out there and many very qualified and awesome web marketing consultants and companies that cater to law firms just like you. We are not for everyone, nor is any company. So do your research and find the digital marketing partner that is right for YOU and your needs.
  • There is a difference between a website that only ranks well for a list of vanity pay per click keywords and a website that ranks well for the questions that perfect client you want is asking.
  • Smart attorneys use internet marketing to attract the right kinds of people to their websites by answering their questions using various and different kinds of content, such as blogs, case stories, informational, free white papers and reports, and of course, video.
  • Good, relevant content is what actually converts the best kinds of clients for your firm.
  • Yes, you can buy traffic. That's what pay-per-click is designed to do. You pay for the traffic you want. The more valuable those cases, the higher the cost will be for that traffic. Keep that in mind. Be careful, you can blow a small fortune on PPC, so work with someone that has a great reputation
  • It's time to move beyond the days of vanity keywords and page one obsession. Instead, focus on answering the questions on the minds of your potential clients, and then maintaining your relevance and their interest with you over time.

And we all know that pretty is as pretty does—a great looking site doesn’t matter at all if it does not attract visitors that convert to good clients. Do we build beautiful sites? Of course! But our sites are a beauty with a brain. Every button, every bar has a purpose and is built to maximize the website's usability to increase quality traffic that will attract better leads.

You want attorney web marketing that brings you better organic traffic as our law firm internet marketing team did for GriffithLaw:

Attorney Web Marketing That Works - Increase in attorney website organic traffic

This effort is meaningless if it does not bring your law firm more quality leads that turn into cases, which you can see also happened for GriffithLaw:

Attorney Web Marketing That Works - increase in leads for attorney website

Learn more about how we achieved these results for Griffith Law.

FWM Builds Attorney Websites That Convert - It’s in Our DNA

We’ve been working with attorneys since 1998 and we know for a fact that our most successful clients get their best cases from a variety of sources—all thanks to creative, integrated marketing efforts. Our effective marketing strategy encompasses the following goals:

  • Attract the right people to your website
  • Convert them into leads
  • Retain the interest of your potential leads and past clients

We have a variety of ways to help you accomplish your goals. We will reveal all “the secrets” to implement effective, integrated marketing yourself—or we can do it all (or some) for you with U.S.-based staff.