The Real Way To Use Attorney Internet Marketing To Attract & Convert More "Perfect Clients" And Grow Your Practice

I think you will agree that the most important thing about your web marketing is that it brings you great cases and clients.

Ask yourself this question: Does it really matter whether you rank on page one for “personal injury lawyer Dallas” or “Houston truck injury attorney” if those very competitive keywords are not the ones that attract the best clients?

You may not know this very important FACT:

There is a difference between a website that only ranks well for a list of vanity keywords and a website that ranks well for the questions your perfect client is asking. Smart attorneys attract the right people to their websites by answering their questions. This simple process actually converts clients.

It's time to move beyond the days of keyword and page one obsession. Instead, focus on answering the questions on the minds of your potential clients, and then maintaining their interest over time.

And we all know that pretty is as pretty does—a great looking site doesn’t matter at all if it does not attract visitors that convert to good clients. Do we build beautiful sites? Of course! But our sites are a beauty with a brain. Every button, every bar has a purpose and is built to maximize the website's usability.

We Build Sites That Convert

We’ve been working with attorneys since 1998 and we know for a fact that our most successful clients get their best cases from a variety of sources—all thanks to creative, integrated marketing efforts. Our effective marketing strategy encompasses the following goals:

We have a variety of ways to help you accomplish your goals. We can either teach you how to implement effective, integrated marketing yourself—or we can do it for you with U.S.-based staff. We simply do not outsource our work overseas. We bring the jobs back home.

The services we provide for you will depend on your budget and your needs.