Molly B. Kenny | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsMolly B. Kenny, founder of The Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, has been a successful client of FWM for a very long time. As of this year, Molly’s domain is nine years old, and she has spent just under a decade keeping her website in good health and finding new ways to compound her digital marketing successes. Over time, her website has become a rich source of new leads and clients for the firm, and her ongoing strategic marketing efforts mean that it just keeps getting better every year.

Are you curious about how she does it? Take a peek into what The Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny have been up to since we last reported on its success.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

The key to Molly B. Kenny’s success in reaching new clients and new audiences online over such a long time is that she hasn’t spent the last nine years doing the same things over and over or resting on her laurels. While there are some core tasks—like content creation and reputation management—that will always be ongoing, Molly and our team at FWM have constantly pushed and innovated to get more out of the digital marketing success she has earned.

In 2016, to freshen things up and remain competitive, Molly asked the FWM team to redesign her website, inside and out. While her website has always performed well, the new design offered an improved user experience, made it easier to convert web visitors, and modernized her website overall. This move, along with a fresh content strategy and SEO guidance from the FWM team, increased her website leads by 137% and drove even more contact form completions and downloads of her book offers.

With the redesign, Molly took a “good” website and made it an even better tool for attracting and converting more clients—but she didn’t stop there.

The growth since the redesign has kept the firm busy, so Molly made the move last year to hire an assistant to manage many of the firm’s marketing and reception needs. Molly also decided to manage her routine content creation in house, although she continually works with the FWM team to improve her site engagement, develop her strategy, and bring in more “perfect clients” for her firm.

Bring in More Success a “Drip” at a Time

Most recently, Molly has turned her marketing focus to email outreach. Molly tasked the FWM content team with creating targeted email drip campaigns for her books and guides so she can stay in contact with her most interested leads.

A “drip campaign” is a sequence of follow-up emails that are sent over a set period of time after a visitor takes a particular action on your website. In this case, Molly’s drip campaigns go out to visitors that request one of her books or free guides. Twelve emails are sent over a period of 45 days, which gives her a chance to automatically touch base with interested potential clients and deliver a message that speaks to their specific needs.

The FWM content team had already written and designed four books for Molly’s practice that focus on specific segments of her “perfect clients” for the firm:

  • The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Divorce in Washington
  • The Thinking Man’s Guide to Divorce in Washington
  • 9 Urban Myths about Divorce in Washington
  • Your Kids and Your Divorce

To build on the success of those offers, the FWM team created email sequences for all four books that carried the focused message of the book to downloaders’ inboxes. Her drip campaigns essentially act like a multi-part content outline that orient readers to the topic and provide a steady flow of traffic from an already engaged audience to the most relevant content on her website.

The email drip campaigns we created for The Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny give more granular, targeted information to prospects that are already “warm” visitors to Molly’s site. Now, when those “warm” visitors download her book and receive her emails, they are converted into much stronger leads for her firm. It’s also another way to remind Molly’s already large audience of her reputation and how to get answers about family law disputes and estate planning.

Everything Else That Keeps the Marketing Machine Moving for Molly B. Kenny

While Molly launches new campaigns and coaxes new wins out of old successes, her routine marketing tasks are continually working in the background to attract, convert, and retain more clients for her firm.

Molly and her team focus on:

Since Molly’s main areas of practice are divorce and family law, the firm’s success with review generation is extra impressive. Many family law attorneys find that reviews are few and far between because their clients don’t want to share their hardships or tell the public all about their need for a divorce or family lawyer. And, because of that hesitance, the reviews she has earned are powerful trust signals for new and potential clients to the firm.

Molly looks to the FWM team to work on optimization tasks and the firm’s SEO strategy. Our team optimizes the content that Molly’s team creates, and we keep her local citations and legal directory profiles in order.

While Molly’s team produces compelling content for the firm’s perfect clients, the FWM team focuses on improving her domain authority, providing guidance and data for her next moves, and optimizing the efforts Molly puts into motion.

What Does Success Look Like for an Already Successful Website?

Because her website has been working for her law firm for many years already, Molly’s main goals are to coax more wins out of the successes she already enjoys. Over the past six months, her overall website sessions are up by 6%. Website Sessions Increase | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

She has seen a continued increase in visibility, with visibility increased by 76% year over year. Website Visibility Increase | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists

Contact form completions for leads is up 44% from last year, and her new drip campaigns directly drove at least 17 new leads over the first six months. The average open rate for her email drip campaigns is at 43%, which is double the general average open rate—and those campaigns will continue to drive leads for years to come.

Molly’s website has always been authoritative, from Molly’s reputation to the content produced. The site has done well over the years and continues to beat its own records, year after year. The Law Firm of Molly B. Kenny is a stellar example of what long-term, sustainable marketing is all about.

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