Seduce Your Perfect Client With Email Follow-Up Campaigns

First, what is a follow-up campaign?

Whether you call it a follow-up, back-end, or drip campaign, they all mean the same thing. It’s really about creating an automated contact campaign intended to convince a prospect that you are the one to hire.

Simple, right? Not really.

When I think of the person who best understands the psychology behind follow-up campaigns, one name comes to mind: my very good friend and mentor Dave Frees. Dave is an estate planning, trust, and probate attorney with Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees.

In addition to this, he's a coach with Great Legal Marketing, actively speaks across the nation on multiple fascinating topics, and is a published author of numerous books with international recognition.

Woman Thinking HappilyTo help you better understand what makes a stellar lead-generation campaign, I asked him for his input. Dave has been building follow-up campaigns since 1980 and has seen many changes over the years. From an all snail mail campaign to a follow-up campaign that includes video, CDs, and email, Dave's seen it and done it all.

And, while so much has changed, one thing has remained constant: the need to get into the head of your ideal client or patient. What are their interests, and how can you make your brand or services more interesting to them? Dave offered up his top three tips for using the psychology of a follow-up campaign to create pieces that engage and convert:

  1. Speak their language. As a doctor, lawyer, or other professional, you have jargon you use. This special language makes perfect sense to you, but it confuses the heck out of everyone else. When creating a killer follow-up campaign, it's crucial that you speak in terms your ideal client will understand. Drop the complex medical terms or legalese, and speak to your audience in words and phrases they understand. Listen to your clients when they’re talking to you—that’s how you need to write! If you don't, your email follow-up campaign will fail to engage and convert. Clear communication is foundational to your success.
  2. Address their fears or concerns. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor or an attorney or another professional; people come to you because they are in need of a service. They are looking for guidance from someone who can alleviate their fears and answer their most pressing questions. Begin alleviating these fears by ensuring that each piece of your follow-up campaign acknowledges their concerns and offers solutions. If you can make them feel heard and understood and then speak directly to their concerns, you will have laid the groundwork for a solid working relationship.
  3. Leave them wanting more. You've read books that you simply couldn't put down and that you thought about even when you were miles from the thriller sitting on your bedside table. Your goal is to create that cliffhanger feeling throughout your follow-up campaign. Give them most of the information they want, and then promise to dig further into the subject with your next email. You want your audience waiting for your next email, letter, or CD. Achieve this, and you will have created a truly powerful conversion tool.   

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re adding links to your email campaigns that go back to relevant content on your website. You’ll be thrilled to see your return visitor number increase as your prospects come back to your website to read more about you!

It's Time to Climb Into the Head of Your Ideal Client

Before you draft one email or design one postcard, you need to figure out exactly who your ideal client or patient is.

Without a sharp focus on your ideal, you will have wasted all of the time and money you spend creating your follow-up campaign. If you’re an FWM client, go to the DSS Forum and search for “perfect client”—you’ll find a great, detailed worksheet that will help you figure this out!

For more help on how to build a successful follow-up campaign, call 888-886-0939.

Our professional marketers and writers can help you identify your ideal client and speak directly to them, dramatically increasing your new client acquisition and retention! 

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