Convert Leads and Retain Contacts For Your Law Firm or Medical Practice With the Right Kind of Follow Up Email Marketing Campaigns

With the rise of social media and mobile messaging, email is now an almost intimate interaction with your clients and contacts. If you do it right, you have the undivided attention of your audience away from the din of the rest of the Web. If you do it wrong or without respect for your contacts, you’re only one click away from ending up in the trash or getting a landslide of unsubscribes.

So how can law firms and medical practices do email marketing the right way?

The problem is that email marketing for law firms is such a good idea that everyone does it, so people are bombarded with all kinds of marketing emails all the time. It takes something special to stand out—and that means that you have to develop a rock-solid strategy.

Your audience demands that you offer something valuable that benefits them in some way if you’re going to go out of your way to contact them. They will absolutely resent the contact if you just barge in to talk about yourself. Your email campaigns need to feature interesting and motivating content that is carefully crafted to generate clicks and leads, and those campaigns need to play nicely with your website and other marketing efforts.

The good news is that, when you do email marketing right, you reinforce your brand, improve your follow-up customer service, convince people that you’re the right choice for their needs, and convert undecided leads.

You also start building a willing audience that is ready to hear about your new offers, services, and announcements. At Foster Web Marketing, we work side-by-side with law firms, medical practices, and other businesses to create follow up email campaigns that are tailored to your personality and help you reach your goals.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing takes many forms, including:

  • Automated follow-up emails. Automate the follow-up process so that you never leave a prospect hanging. Follow-up emails are sent automatically after a contact performs an action on your website, like downloading a free offer or subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Email “blasts.” If there’s a major event, or you have big news to share, you can send a one-time “blast” of highly focused content to your target audience.
  • Ongoing “drip” campaigns. “Drip” campaigns are automated email campaigns that are sent out in intervals, often after someone has filled out a contact form or requested an offer. These sets of emails can address common questions, prepare the contact for what to expect, or simply remind them that you’re ready to help.  
  • Teaser emails. When you have something new to share, send out brief emails that compel readers to click through to your website or a social media platform for an offer or more information.
  • Email newsletters. Email newsletters keep contacts informed and offer a variety of content to appeal to your audience. They are sent out on an ongoing basis, and contacts can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe. Learn more about our newsletter services for attorneys and doctors (Link to newsletter practice area page).

Not sure what kinds of emails you should be using to boost your business?

First, decide what you want to accomplish with your email campaign. Next, think about what your audience has responded to on your website, on social media platforms, and through other marketing avenues.

Whether you want to stay in touch with a brief note or share in-depth information with your audience, we have hands-on experience crafting email campaigns that work.

DSS Makes Email Marketing Easy

DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication™) helps you put together tailored templates and consistently produce professional-looking emails in continuity with your website and branding.

You can easily schedule email blasts, create auto-responses, set up email follow-up campaigns, and stay top of mind with email newsletters.

DSS also offers a convenient reporting of the performance of your email campaigns, including the number of opens, open rates, clicks, CTR, and opt-outs, giving you important insight into what’s working and what needs adjustment. DSS also makes it easy to edit and update the email content you create.

How to Build an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

You need a strategy for your email campaigns and a good plan for how they will fit into the overall picture of your marketing plan and goals. As you craft your perfect email campaign, you should always aim to:

  • Understand your perfect client
  • Use language that is easy to understand
  • Address fears and answer questions
  • Leave your audience wanting more
  • Link back to relevant website content and offers

Add a strong call to action, and be consistent in your follow-up efforts so that your audience knows what to expect.

Keep in mind that it’s not always the pitch that’s a problem, but the pitch that your readers weren’t expecting, weren’t set up for, or didn’t ask to hear. Remember to schedule content ahead of time so that you know everything is ready to go and don’t give the impression of moving in awkward stops and starts. If you can’t manage it all in-house, look for a passionate marketing firm to help you develop an email strategy that will boost your success.

You don’t necessarily need to work with a marketing company to be successful with email and follow-up campaigns, but you should consider looking for guidance if you’re not getting the kinds of results you want to see.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing for Law Firms

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A website should look good, but it also needs to be more than just a pretty face. Your website works hard for you. It is the heart of your online marketing and the gateway that contacts pass through to become clients. Our website design experts work closely with you to build a website that will act as a showcase for your business, a reflection of your personality, and an easy way for people to find and contact you. Interested? Get started with a free design consultation.

Marketing Software

The marketing software you use plays a big part in taking your business to the next level. DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication™) is our powerful, proprietary inbound marketing software that puts the power in your hands to directly update and manage your site, track leads, manage your reputation, launch email campaigns, manage customer relationships, and more. Request a free demonstration to see for yourself what the right marketing software can do for you.

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You are the expert when it comes to your business, and we are the partners, guides, and coaches you need to get the ball rolling and maintain momentum. Whether you have an in-house marketing director or just yourself, we can work with you on campaigns, both large and small. Our talented, passionate team can work with you to produce right-fit solutions to search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), video production, content writing, and more. Ready to collaborate? Contact us now.

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Foster Web Marketing'sPhilosophyrevolves around 3 main concepts


Attract the right types of visitors who have the potential to turn into a client or refer other clients in the future.


Once you have attracted the right kinds of visitors you need to have a conversion focused experienced that allows visitors to easily convert to a lead on your website.


Follow-up sequences, and ongoing communications will help turn a single potential client into a stronger referral network.

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