Newsletters and email campaigns can be important tools in your marketing toolbox, but you have to produce a professional and consistent product that offers something of value to your potential clients, contacts, and referral sources. The Email & Campaigns functionality in DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication) offers all the power you need to do just that, as well as the flexibility to make changes on the fly. Our email and newsletter solutions are built right into the familiar environment of DSS, and you can rely on our talented support staff to guide you as you create custom templates, run multiple campaigns, and keep the look and feel of your brand consistent across all avenues of contact.

Advanced Email Editor and Custom Newsletter Templates

With the basic email design system in DSS, you can quickly and easily create simple messages and distribute them to the contact lists of your choice. You have access to preset templates and scheduling tools that help you get started right away, so there doesn’t have to be a big learning curve before you get involved. You can rest assured that Foster Web Marketing always strives to deliver a mobile-responsive product that automatically provides the best user experience for your readers, whether they open your email on desktop or on their phones.  

If you want even more control over your email campaigns and newsletters, the intuitive Advanced Editor in DSS offers:

Simple customization.

For each campaign you build, you choose the colors, typefaces, logo, images, and other media that your readers will see. A simple drag-and-drop system means that no coding skills are required to create a tailored result. The Advanced Editor can also handle sophisticated effects, such as multiple columns and sidebars, so you can easily achieve the look you’re going for.

Personalized templates.

Once you’ve built a design you like, you can save your work to use again anytime. Your templates in DSS are unique to you, and you can build a library of templates that fit each type of email or newsletter project you want to create. You can start by modifying our basic designs, or you can start from scratch to create a reusable template that is totally yours.

Automated Email Sequences and Data Tracking

DSS also helps you streamline email-marketing and customer-service tasks by automating follow-up emails, capturing leads, and putting performance data right in front of you. With email sequences and follow-up campaigns, you create a series of emails that will go out to contacts over a set period of time after they take a particular action, like filling out an offer form on your website or signing up for your newsletter. You have full control over what your contacts will see, why, and how often they hear from you. It can even be a great way to automate parts of the intake and exit process or drive feedback.

Another great feature in DSS is an easy-to-use dashboard that shows analytics data for each campaign you create, whether it’s a one-time contact, a long-term newsletter, or a follow-up sequence. You can see opens, clicks, opt-outs, and other data, as well as information about the leads that have come in from your efforts. You don’t even have to leave DSS to see how a campaign is performing for you.  

Even beyond email marketing, DSS provides easy-to-use solutions to common marketing tasks so that you don’t have to spend all your time on marketing. By taking advantage of the right marketing tools, you free yourself to put more energy into doing what you do best. Want to learn more about what DSS can do for your business? Contact our marketing experts today to talk about it and schedule a free demonstration.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing For Your Law Firm Or Medical Practice?

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