HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Marketing Software, DSS

As a podiatrist, your website doesn’t need to sell the whole world on the benefits of your podiatry practice. However, it should effectively connect you with your “perfect patients” and show them why you’re a great choice.

A truly modern medical website design will even help you do that without a dedicated IT employee while streamlining many of your ongoing marketing and website maintenance tasks.

In short, an effective medical website offers a great experience for your patients and makes your marketing easier.  

Sound like a major improvement over what you’re doing now?

Partner with our talented design team to build a website that is focused on performing for you, your patients, and your unique practice.

Attract, Convert, and Retain More Leads With A Medical Website That Performs

Your website is your virtual office, even when clients find you offline. It is the hub for all the leads you generate, no matter where you concentrate your efforts. As you gain momentum, it should also be the net that helps you catch leads, patient feedback, and customer service issues before they fall through the cracks.

In the modern landscape of medical marketing, a professional and personalized website is the foundation of online success—and you need to be taking advantage of it.    

At Foster Web Marketing, we believe in effective medical designs, loving implementation, ethical marketing strategies, and measurable performance. We personalize websites to fit our clients’ individual needs, and we make sure they have access to the tools they need to take control of their online marketing.

Our healthcare website design team is passionate about creating right-fit website solutions that are both attractive and functional. Even after a site goes live, we remain committed to empowering our clients with education, support, and improvements.

Ultimately, we want the website we design for you to be the powerful core that energizes your overall marketing strategy and brings more leads and patients through your door. Want to learn more? We invite you to see the Foster Web Marketing difference.

Powerful Medical Website Performance and Flexibility With DSS

All the websites we build are powered by our marketing automation software, DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication™), which puts the power in your hands to control your website and your marketing.

DSS makes it easy to add website content, upload videos, edit and delete pages, showcase new services, and track your website performance.

DSS websites also include HIPAA compliant features, as well as other technical enhancements that increase the safety, privacy, security of your website and its users.

Worried about your medical website's mobile performance?

Mobile-responsive websites dominate local searches, but desktop searches are still strong across the Web.

We know that people turn to all kinds of devices to get answers to their healthcare questions, at every stage of their journey from searcher to client. No matter how your “perfect patients” are searching for you, we want you to be ready.

Every healthcare website we build automatically responds to mobile visitors, serving them an optimized experience while they’re on the go.  

Foster Web Marketing has been building medical websites and analyzing online marketing data for 20 years. We know that every healthcare business is different.

The things that set your website apart from your competitors show in everything from the colors in your logo to the content you feature. Are you ready to build a website that will help you take the reins and explode your practice?

Start working side by side with our website design experts by reaching out to Foster Web Marketing for a free website design consultation.