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So, What Exactly Is "DSS" and What Can it Do for You?

DSS™ (Dynamic Self-Syndication™) is a robust, cloud-based marketing automation management software solution that streamlines your marketing efforts and gives you excellent insight into what traffic (organic, PPC, social, referral, etc.) is actually bringing you the business you want. At the same time, you will become aware of what isn't working so you can stop doing it.

DSS HIPPA Compliant CMS, CRM and Marketing SoftwareDSS is our powerful, proprietary inbound marketing software that will allow you to take your law firm, medical practice, or other service business to the next level. DSS allows you to directly update and manage your site; review traffic, analytics, and contacts; and manage customer relationships—in one easy-to-use tool.

One of the most compelling features of DSS is the built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, which gives you the power to track your leads and contacts; build powerful follow-up email campaigns, marketing blasts, and newsletters; and send them to potential clients. No need to pay for separate tools or software! This is why DSS is not just a CMS like WordPress—it's actually marketing automation software that will put you light years ahead of your competition!

What really sets DSS apart from other website content management solutions in the legal and medical fields is that it offers you so much more: 

  • Responsive, personal customer service—at no additional cost. Surprised that other companies charge you to make changes to your site or fix bugs? Not here. You can easily contact our Customer Service team via a dedicated customer phone number or by opening a ticket right in DSS.
  • Content Mangement System - DSSOur developers are local employees, not contractors in another country. All of our development is done here in the United States, the majority of it right in our Fairfax, Virginia office. This means we spend a lot more money developing and maintaining DSS and your website than we would if we outsourced, but we think it’s worth it to have complete control over every aspect of our system and websites.
  • Software upgrades can be risky—but not for our clients. When we need to make bug fixes or apply major changes to DSS or your website, we have a team that thoroughly tests to ensure that your site is working properly. You don’t have to worry that a software patch or upgrade will ruin your site and cost you big bucks to fix.
  • Nobody makes code changes to your site except us. We never give outside companies access to the code on your website to, so you don’t have to worry that the SEO consultant you hired will mess something up and then disappear. We take full responsibility for the integrity of the code on your site, and if you ever need a change that can’t be handled through DSS, one of our in-house developers will do it for you.

Don't leave your website in the hands of amateurs or impersonal website hosting companies. Trust Foster Web Marketing and our unique Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) software for your legal and medical marketing needs.

Why FWM and Why DSS?

Over the last few years we’ve made significant investments in DSS, in our website architecture, and in our Customer Service department—all to give you the best online marketing experience at a competitive price point. We are truly dedicated to your success. If you are looking for a fully functioning inbound marketing solution for your law firm or medical practice, please give us a call at 888-886-0939 to schedule a free demo.

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DSS is the heart and soul of Foster Web Marketing, and is truly what sets us apart from other SEO and small business web design companies.

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We cooked up a list of our favorite features of DSS that help you crush it out there. We hope you like it.