DSS Is Unparalleled Marketing Automation for Law Firms & Medical Practices

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Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS) is our powerful, marketing automation software that will allow you to take your law firm or medical practice to the next level.

Sick and tired of managing several tools for your marketing and manually trying to connect the dots to see what is working and what isn't?

DSS allows you to easily manage your website, traffic, leads, email marketing, reputation, social media, and local listing—in one easy-to-use tool.

No need to pay for separate tools or software! This is why DSS is not just a CMS like WordPress—it's marketing automation software that will put you light years ahead of your competition!

What Is “DSS” Marketing Automation Software and How Does it Help Law Firms & Medical Practices?

What really sets DSS apart from other marketing automation solutions is that it was developed specifically for the legal and medical fields and offers you so much more:

  • Responsive, personal customer service—at no additional cost. Surprised that other companies charge you to make changes to your site or fix bugs? Not here. You can easily contact our Customer Service team via a dedicated customer phone number or by opening a ticket right in DSS.
  • Our developers are local employees, not contractors in another country. All of our development is done here in the United States, the majority of it in our marketing company's Fairfax, Virginia, office. This means we spend a lot more money developing and maintaining DSS and your law firm's website development than we would if we outsourced, but we think it’s worth it to have complete control over every aspect of our marketing automation system and websites.
  • Nobody makes code changes to your site except us. We never give outside companies access to the code on your website, so you don’t have to worry that the SEO consultant you hired will mess something up and then disappear. We take full responsibility for the integrity of the code on your site, and if you ever need a change that can’t be handled through DSS, one of our in-house developers will do it for you.

Don't leave your website in the hands of amateurs or impersonal website hosting companies. Trust Foster Web Marketing and our marketing automation software, DSS, for your medical and legal marketing automation needs.

Testimonial by a Foster Web Marketing Client

Foster Web Marketing has been an essential part of our marketing team for the last year and a half. Their team is supportive and innovative, and they provide exceptional customer service. Their DSS marketing automation software is rich and user-friendly. We don't know what we would do without it!
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Date published: 01/14/2017
5 / 5 stars
Overall rating: ★★★★★5 based on 1 reviews

We’ve been crafting custom websites and strategic marketing plans since Al Gore invented the Internet, we got that part covered; we also know that the only way for our clients to succeed is if we work together as a TEAM to address the following goals:

Attract the right people to your website.
Convert website visitors into leads and ultimately clients, patients, or customers.
Retain the interest of past and future patients, clients, or customers.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reputation Management Software
Content Management System (CMS)
Easy to use Content Management System (CMS) to update your website content and layout. Learn more about our website management software.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
DSS CRM allows you to create automated email drip campaigns, newsletters and email follow-up sequences for your contacts.
Email Marketing Campaigns & Newsletters
A targeted email campaign allows you to speak directly to the needs of your users. Create branded newsletters populated with links to content on your site to stay in touch with your contact list and nurture your leads.
DSS Email Marketing
Reputation Management Software
The DSS Reputation Management Tool monitors the web for reviews and helps you create automated ways to generate new reviews for your business.
DSS Reputation Management
Social Media Management Software
The DSS Social Media Management Tool lets you monitor and schedule social media posts for your business.
DSS Social Media Management
Local Listing Build & Sync
The DSS Local Listing Builder Tool syncs with over 40 local listing websites including the 4 major data aggregators to make sure your business information is as consistent as possible across the web.
DSS Local Listings
Lead Tracking & Reporting
DSS tells you where, when and how your leads are coming to you. Categorize, tag, and sort contacts for more targeted marketing emails and campaigns.
DSS Lead Tracking
Help & Support
DSS is loaded with help guides and tutorials so you can easily navigate through the system or learn more about each section. We also offer responsive, personal customer service at no additional cost.
DSS Help & Support
  • Local Listing Build & Sync
  • Lead Tracking & Reporting
  • Help & Support

What Do Our Clients Think of DSS?

Listen to what Attorney Jim Dodson has to say about the value of DSS for his law firm.

So, What Exactly Is "DSS" and What Can it Do for You?

Learn how DSS can help you take control of your medical practice or law firm's online marketing.