PPC Services for Law Firms Should Generate a Positive Return

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be play a vital role in the comprehensive digital marketing plan of any law firm. While PPC does not usually replace the lead-generating power of organic search and reputation management, PPC services for law firms can still provide excellent benefits, including:

  • Short-term fixes for clearly defined problems. Has your organic visibility plummeted, or are you just getting your digital presence established? A PPC campaign can be the shot in the arm your firm needs for immediate results.

  • Providing support of an ongoing organic strategy. What's better than dominating top organic search results? Dominating the top organic search results and the paid positions too.

  • Intensive targeting of “perfect clients”. Know exactly who you need to reach? (As well as who you don't?) PPC services can help your law firm target your ideal clients with laser focus.

The beauty of PPC is that it can be a quick injection of marketing momentum, and it can cover bases that organic strategy alone may not. Like all effective tools, though, it needs to harmonize with your greater vision to truly be effective.

When it comes to boosting your business and reaching your goals, PPC is a precision tool, not a mallet. Think about it—why would you pay Google for sending you traffic you don’t want or could have earned for free? You need to use PPC with a clear idea of the return on investment, and you need to do it with a long-term plan for the “big picture” in mind. When you partner with Foster Web Marketing, we help you do both and make it work for you.

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FWM Delivers Robust, Full-Spectrum PPC Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

You have a few options for adding paid advertising to your marketing toolkit:

  • PPC for Search. With Google AdWords and similar pay-per-click services, podiatrists and attorneys bid for targeted keywords. When someone types in those targeted keywords, their ad will pop up, depending on their bid and that of their competitors. Instead of paying a fee up front, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. While Google AdWords is by far the most popular pay-per-click program available, there are similar paid options for Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

  • Retargeting. Have you ever wondered how you could promote your business to people who visit your website but don’t provide their contact information? The answer is retargeting. With retargeting, you can keep track of the people who visit your website and display your ad on other websites they visit. It is a way to stay at the forefront of their minds.   

  • Banner ads. Many websites give you the opportunity to purchase ad space. In some cases, purchasing banner ads can be just what you need to attract your target market. You need to determine what websites your perfect clients are likely to visit and arrange to purchase advertising space—something we can help with. Your advertisements both confirm your brand identity and signal to your prospects that your firm is dominating the online world.

  • YouTube advertising and video commercials. Not all businesses consider commercials or YouTube ads an affordable marketing choice. However, with the advent of online video, reaching a wide audience with your commercial is now a viable option. Online video commercials can be a great way to reach your market at a reasonable price.

  • Social media advertising. Paid social media advertising is still relatively young, but Facebook reports that it has over five million businesses that advertise through the platform every month. Even Snapchat and Twitter have incorporated paid advertising. While the benefit of paid social media advertising is currently somewhat limited, it can be the right choice for some professionals and marketing campaigns.

Paying for advertising is easy; the hard part is knowing what to use, how to use it, and when. The first step in an effective PPC strategy is finding out where you are now. If you have questions about how or why to incorporate paid advertising into your marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call.

PPC for Law Firms Works Best as Part of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

There is one problem with pay-per-click and paid advertising for law firms: it can be really easy to dump a lot of money into campaigns that don’t work. Competition drives up the cost of targeting the most obvious keywords, but the broadest or obvious keywords may not be the most effective choice.

Ultimately, if the money you spend on paid advertising doesn’t bring potential clients through your door, then it’s a waste. If the advertising you pay for isn’t backed up with real strategy, then it’s a waste.

If you want to succeed, law firm PPC campaigns and other paid advertising need to be carefully targeted, tracked, and adjusted over time.

Foster Web Marketing offers the tools and guidance you need to make informed decisions about where your marketing dollars go and what you might expect from the effort. We won’t make a bunch of empty promises about what paid advertising will do for you. What we will do, though, is partner closely with you to determine your PPC needs, align our efforts with your goals, and help you create paid marketing campaigns that boost your reach and are relevant to your target audience.

We put our heads together with you and ensure that you are tying all your marketing efforts together—both offline and online—in the best way possible.