Website with trophy and upward graph arrow depicting Attorney website marketing success  | Search Engine Optimization For Law Firms And Medical PracticesDirk Derrick, owner of the Derrick Law Firm, joined the FWM family about 12 years ago and currently works with Senior Digital Marketing Strategist John Spare. Together, they’ve developed a winning strategy for law firm growth that really resonates with Dirk, his team, and—most importantly—the firm’s perfect clients. 

What makes Dirk’s current strategy work so well? Well, it’s all about that local presence, baby! 

Most law firms get their best clients locally, but many of them continue to market themselves like they need clients from all over the nation—or the world. Derrick Law Firm isn’t making the same mistake. By taking the right steps to capture more targeted local leads, Dirk has given his firm a serious edge over the competition.

And he just keeps growing! 

Not sure how a more targeted local strategy might work for you? Well, let’s get into some of the details behind Derrick Law Firm’s most recent surge of growth. 

Local Listings and Reviews Are a Recipe for Modern Law Firm Success

Although he already has an impressive history of big wins with his marketing, a lot of Dirk’s recent success is due to the renewed effort he and John have put into honing the firm’s local SEO strategy and Google Local Pack presence. This has included improving all the firm’s Google Business pages and optimizing them as fully as possible, as well as using tools like Yext and the Local Listing Builder in DSS to review the firm’s other local listings across the internet. They’ve also added profiles to many previously unused legal citation sites.

Currently, they make daily posts for all the firm’s Google Business pages, which builds on all that groundwork they’ve put into the law firm’s local listings.

With that piece of the puzzle in order, the next step has been to get on top of the firm’s reviews. Reviews are a huge factor in increasing local presence, and Dirk’s strategy prioritizes asking the firm’s happy clients for reviews at appropriate stages in their “client journey.” By focusing on great customer service, and by doing everything possible to get the real value of claims as fast as possible, they’ve built a loyal client base that enthusiastically shares those positive experiences with the world.

Thanks to those efforts, Dirk now has well over a thousand 5-star reviews for his law firm, which he highlights on his website and on billboards across South Carolina. 

Overall, these kinds of strategies put his law firm right at the top of local searches—and right in front of the local and regional clients that are most in need of what Dirk and his team can do.

Measurable Success Comes From Marketing Strategies That Evolve With Your Law Firm’s Growth 

While there have been many unexpected roadblocks along the way, Dirk’s growth-oriented strategy has kept on trucking over the years to bring him the kinds of business-booming results that are easy to see. In the 12+ years the Derrick Law Firm has been with Foster Web Marketing, his firm has grown from a small, solo practice to a thriving practice with 18 attorneys and 8 locations. 

In fact, Dirk had his best year ever just last year, and we plan to keep increasing his awesome growth in the future!

The Derrick Law Firm hasn’t rested on its laurels or given up when the going got tough. Instead, Dirk has remained committed to smart, sustainable strategies that scale his growth and evolve with the times—and it shows. 

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Law firm used local SEO strategies and smart marketing to scale its growth