Why do we put so much emphasis on getting lawyers to figure out who their “perfect client” is? 

Why do we prioritize the “user experience” in our law firm website designs? Why do we talk about meeting potential clients in “micro-moments” with your online content, campaigns, and ads?

We do it because that positive client experience is a pretty good indicator of success for law firms! But don’t just take my word for it. Let me back it up with some cold, hard facts. 

Each year, our friends over at Clio release the latest edition of their Legal Trends Report. This research is so cool because it looks at the most important legal tech trends of the year and how real-life law firms have adopted, adapted, implemented, and been impacted by them. 

Their annual Legal Trends Report is a hugely valuable resource for anyone that runs or markets a law firm! I really encourage you to check this out—you can download the 2021 Legal Trends Report here.

So, why do I bring it up? Well, among all the other incredible insights in this report, what stood out to me was just HOW MUCH a perfect client experience matters. 

It’s not a luxury for your clients. It’s not an “extra” or a “nice thing” to do. Instead, as you’ll see below, investing in a positive client experience just makes good business sense. The quality of the client experience you provide can make or break your law firm! 

Understand Your Potential Clients Before You Make Decisions for Your Law Firm

In the 2021 Legal Trends Report, Clio tells us that figuring out what’s best for a law firm really comes down to figuring out what’s best for their clients. And to get centered on your clients, you have to build client-centered processes for your law firm that are informed by a deep understanding of what your perfect clients really want. 

“The goal is to make working with a law firm as easy and effortless as possible.”—Clio, 2021 Legal Trends Report

The client experience is what makes you memorable. It’s what makes you stand out from other law firms. If you can deliver on your past, current, and potential clients’ expectations, you will grow your business. Or, in Clio’s words, “…businesses that are best at delivering on consumer expectations are the ones that will secure more clients, resulting in more referrals and opportunities for future growth.”

This is also why, in a highly competitive legal market, law firms need to adopt and use the technology that helps them meet the current expectations of their client base better. 

Lawyers That Care About the Client Experience Get More Leads and Clients

Clio tells us that, for around 86% of consumers, responsiveness to questions is the most sought-after trait in a lawyer. So, that’s really where a great client experience begins. If you have processes and materials in place to educate your potential clients and respond to questions quickly, you’ll leave a good impression. 

The technology you use to run your business plays a big part in this, even if you don’t realize it. For example, a potential client is going to have a better experience with your law firm if they:

  • Can easily find your name, address, and phone number online

  • Have multiple ways to contact you, such as website forms, live chat, and click-to-call

  • Get their questions answered quickly because your lead notification, customer service, and intake processes are designed that way 

  • Get their questions answered on your website, before they even reach out to you

  • Get their questions answered before they even ask them by seeing your videos, social media content, or email follow-up campaigns.

Compare that to the experience of having trouble finding your law firm online, getting lost somewhere in the intake process, or waiting a week for a response! For your potential clients, the difference is like night and day.

Clio also shows us that one happy client can turn into lots of happy clients for your law firm. Along with responsiveness to questions, consumers say that these factors have either a very positive or somewhat positive influence on their choice of lawyer:

  • Positive online reviews (82%). Your happiest clients’ reviews can influence countless other people that need a lawyer. So, make sure that they have a great experience. A review strategy doesn’t hurt, either!

  • Personal recommendation or referral (81%). Clients that have a good experience with your law firm WILL tell their friends, family, co-workers, and others about you. Some of the best clients any law firm could ask for come from these kinds of referrals! 

  • Searchable online (80%). Everyone is online these days, and everyone expects the businesses and services they need to be online, too. If they can’t find your law firm with a quick search, they probably aren’t going to dig to find you—they’ll just go with the lawyer that IS findable when they need them. 

  • Available outside business hours (79%). Does that mean that your law firm needs to stay open later or have more staff on hand in the evening? Not necessarily! With a great website and the right tech, your clients can get fast answers to their questions while you focus on your life outside of work.

All the above just goes to show that when you’re focused on what your perfect clients need, you’re naturally creating a positive experience. And, when that positive experience is built into your day-to-day processes, it has a positive “snowball” effect on the growth of your business.

Harness the Tech That Makes You a Better Lawyer for Your Clients

Even when it makes your business run better, it’s tough to adopt new technology and adapt to a changing world. The pandemic has forced lots of law firms to adopt new technology very quickly, and I think that’s why Clio’s Legal Trends Report is so valuable. 

It shows that how you adopt technology matters as much as what technology you adopt. And law firms that can do that well CAN and DO grow—even in challenging years!

“These changes to how people interact are here to stay, and as more and more legal professionals adapt to these new preferences, those who do not are going to be left behind entirely.”—Clio, 2021 Legal Trends Report

Are you looking for the technology that will make your law firm work better? Do you want to manage your marketing and your practice better? Do you want to create a positive client experience with less sweat and less stress? We have solutions for you. 

Click here to see how you can work with Clio and FWM. 

Clio has definitely shared some excellent research with us, and all the above is only a tiny portion of what you’ll find in their 2021 Legal Trends Report. If you haven’t yet, you can download it here for more awesome insights.

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