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Customer behavior online has continued to shift toward interacting with businesses in micro-moments, but have you shifted your marketing strategy to meet your potential clients and customers when and where they need you? Research from Google shows that 69 percent of online users agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company's message influences their perception of a brand. This is a big deal! This means that you can’t just put up a website or an online ad and expect clients to choose you over your competitors. To make a good impression, you increasingly have to be:

  • In the right place…
  • At the right time…
  • At every stage of the customer journey.

Is your marketing strategy ready for a perspective shift? Here are some tips for harnessing the power of micro-moments.

Capturing Micro-Moments Means Anticipating Your Potential Clients’ Needs

Taking advantage of micro-moment marketing means being a step ahead of your perfect clients, and the path is a little different for each business or practice. Remember, micro-moments are those moments when people quickly look online for the answer to a question or help with their problems.

Updating your marketing strategy to fit that model will take a little tweaking so that you are:

  • Mobile. There is no getting around it. You must improve your mobile strategy. Micro-moments are all about mobile. The majority of the time people spend engaging with digital media each day is on phones and tablets, so it makes sense that that’s where they’ll go with a quick question. Desktop still matters, though, so don’t let the rest of your efforts suffer. You should aim to ultimately provide a seamless journey for your potential clients between mobile and desktop devices.
  • Local. Local visibility is crucial for podiatrists, lawyers, and other service-based professionals. Whether people are searching at a desktop or from their phones, they are usually looking for businesses close to home. To get on top of your local presence, make sure your business is listed on Google Local, Bing, Yahoo, and other big sites—and that the information in your profile is complete, accurate, and consistent across sites. This is also a good time to revisit your review strategy, local keywords, and pay-per-click efforts to make sure they are honed on the people you want to bring through your door.
  • Snackable. Don’t waste people’s time. The content you deliver in micro-moments should be fast, brief, and “snackable.” You can point to deeper content on your website, but don’t require deep reading to get your message across. In micro-moments, people may only have a minute or two to look for answers that they can follow up on later. Don’t make them keep digging for what they want, and make sure you provide a pleasant user experience during the interaction.
  • Valuable. You can have a fantastic mobile and local presence with plenty of snackable content, but none of it matters if what you’re delivering isn’t valuable and relevant to your potential client. In some ways, micro-moment marketing is about taking it slowly and building a relationship. Don’t assume that selling is the only message. Your potential clients may be gathering information or considering their options, and a hard-sell approach at the wrong moment could chase them off for good. Instead, think about what new contacts might need right now and how you can help them at every stage of the journey. Those little moments build trust and set you up to be a familiar source of support when they are ready to make a choice.

As you make adjustments or start new campaigns to capture micro-moments, make sure that you’re also tracking your leads and other data. We can’t overstress how important this is. The data you gather will give you a better idea of what your potential clients want, whether or not you’re providing it, and how to improve in the future.

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