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Smartphones and mobile devices are everywhere! Almost anyone can get online in an instant, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Technological advancements like wireless internet, voice search, and informative apps have made the smartphone a great choice for people across all kinds of demographics, and it has rapidly become the number-one device that people depend on to find information in times of need.

Why should you care?

We hate to be blunt, but it is now officially past time to be honest with yourself about how the website for your law firm or medical office works on phones and tablets. It’s a huge part of search, and it’s a huge part of your success online!

Are you worried that your website is just phoning it in with mobile users? Or are you sure that your website making a positive impression that converts? Read on to find out why mobile matters and what you need to do to capture the attention of people on the go.

Fact: Mobile-Friendly Websites Attract More Potential Clients

Where’s your cellphone? If you’re like 90% of Americans, it’s in your pocket, purse, or at least within arm’s reach, no matter where you are.

Now, where’s your computer? (Not so accessible, is it?)

So, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. If you’re in an accident, in excruciating pain, or need to find help in a hurry, are you going to wait until you get home to search on your computer, or are you going to whip out your phone?

Data published by Statista shows that, as of 2020:

  • There are 211 million mobile search users in the United States.
  • 60% of all Google searches now come from mobile devices.
  • 65% of clicks on paid Google AdWords results come from mobile devices.

To drive the point even further home, studies from Google show that around 50% of mobile users visit a store within one day after a local search, and around 60% of mobile searchers have said they are more likely to contact a business if that business has a mobile-friendly site.

However, we don’t need the data to know that mobile matters to your marketing—we’ve seen it for ourselves and with our clients! If your website doesn’t cater to mobile users, then you are almost certainly missing out on potential clients through all kinds of avenues, including organic search results, paid search results, social media, and local search.

Overall, what all that information means is that it’s highly likely that potential clients—the ones that need help NOW—are searching for you on their mobile devices, and you need to be ready for them.

Design Your Website for the Mobile Experience

So, how do you capture more mobile users with your website and make them happier? It’s all in the design.

Smartphones are great, but mobile users have some challenges when they get online. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile users are often slow to load, impossible to navigate, and difficult to read on a small screen.

To make mobile users comfortable, you need to design a website that minimizes the bad parts of using the mobile web but still works for users on all kinds of devices. That’s tough to do!

Having trouble picturing what a perfectly mobile-optimized website looks like? Here are some examples of the elements that all the best websites for mobile share:

Mobile-responsive design.

Gone are the days when you needed to maintain a totally separate mobile website! Now, responsive designs automatically detect the device users connect with and automatically return an experience that’s suited for that device. This creates a seamless user experience for everyone and minimizes any confusion about how to access your law firm or medical practice online.

Consistent branding.

The same people may visit you on mobile AND on desktop, depending on which device happens to be in front of them when they need answers. That means the mobile experience needs to harmonize with the desktop experience and carry your branding throughout. Mobile users should see the same color scheme, logo, and messaging that you use for your regular website and marketing materials.

Easy navigation by tap.

Mobile users have to navigate through your website without the precision of a mouse. This is probably the most frustrating part of browsing the Web on a mobile device, so save your potential clients the hassle by making it easy to navigate on a small screen. Menus should be easy to tap through, and you should use big, clear buttons for your most important links.

Important information at the ready.

Mobile users can be easily overwhelmed with too many graphics, videos, buttons, and links. The mobile version of your website should be simple and clean, and it should put the most important information at your potential clients’ fingertips.

Ready for mobile action.

Many people turn to their mobile devices when they need an immediate solution. Adding one-click calling, interactive maps, one-click emailing, simple contact forms, and information about the first steps can explode your mobile conversion rates. After all, if you’re doing it right, visitors to your mobile site are only a tap away from calling you or sending you a message. 

No matter what kinds of practice areas you focus on, an easy-to-use mobile website—full of relevant information and answers—gives you a chance to virtually “be there” with potential clients when the worst happens. This makes a powerful connection because it meets them in “micro-moments,” when they are most in need of help—and they don’t have time to waste.

Better Mobile Website Functionality Benefits Your Users and Your Business

If you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, users may be chased off by the clunky navigation, out-of-date graphics, and irrelevant content. However, it’s not just your users that will suffer from a bad mobile design. Ignoring mobile optimization means that you miss out on all kinds of benefits to your business, too.

A well-designed mobile site benefits YOU because it can:

  • Increase search traffic from mobile users, without affecting your desktop users.
  • Build more trust and recognition with your community and the people you serve.
  • Improve your ability to connect with people who only have mobile internet access. (Below a certain socioeconomic threshold, it’s increasingly likely that smartphones are a family’s ONLY internet source.)
  • Increase your chance of connecting with potential clients sooner. This is important since injuries and legal situations can worsen if a client waits too long to contact you!
  • Earn a higher search placement because Google is actively looking for mobile-friendly websites.

With 60% of searches now coming from mobile users, isn’t it time you made them feel welcome? Schedule a design consultation with the FWM team to talk about how to give your website a complete “mobile makeover,” or give us a call at 888.886.0939.

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