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Our goal is to get you better business. We don’t do “quick-wins.” The marketing services we offer are long-term, results-driven, sustainable, and highly targeted. If all you want is to pay an invoice you won’t be too happy here because we expect you and your team to be involved in your marketing! We can only get you newer, better leads if we know what that means to you. You’re the expert. You are what makes your company run. We want to work WITH you, not FOR you. This is how you take control of your marketing.

The Best Internet Marketing Services For
Law Firms & Medical Practices

How Our Internet Marketing Services Work For
Law Firms & Medical Practices

Whether you have your own in-house marketing director and team or if you’re just going it alone, we can work with you to improve your business. We offer a number of marketing services based on your specific needs; there is no cookie-cutter marketing plan because no two businesses are the same. We’ll analyze your current marketing efforts and provide recommendations for services based on our findings. We’ll work with you and your team to arrange a cost-effective and powerful marketing strategy.

  1. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Marketing Strategist who is your main point of contact and account manager. They’ll be your point person to communicate with about any ideas, questions, concerns, or insights you have, and they’ll coordinate all of our marketing efforts to create the most effective content and marketing strategies.

  2. You’ll have monthly hour-long meetings with your Marketing Strategist, content writer, and anyone else assigned to work on your marketing, like our social media consultant. We’ll provide detailed reports to show you everything that has been done, is in the works, and the impact these efforts have had on your site.

  3. We’ll provide results with creative, organic marketing techniques. We believe in long-term strategies that target your most lucrative, enjoyable clients. PPC campaigns are only as effective as the content on your site and the follow-up systems you have in place. We work smarter, not harder.

  4. We are collaborative—we want to work closely with you and your team. Whether you have your own marketing team in-house, or we are managing it for you, we need to work together. The best, most effective, marketing happens when you are involved. We will be transparent about our goals and strategies, and we ask the same of you!

  5. We support American jobs! We are 100% “Made in the USA” and do not outsource ANY work. Not only does this make it easy to communicate with our team, but it means we are available to answers your questions when you need them answered.

  6. We provide continuous training and education for clients and our own staff. SEO, Internet marketing, and search engines are always changing. We stay on top of these changes and train our entire staff, so we can provide the best possible services for you. And we don’t keep this information a secret, we’ll educate you and your team on the best practices.

We believe in marketing that WORKS. No short cuts, just excellent, honest strategies that attract the kind of business you want, and ensure long-term growth. Want to work with us, call us at 888-886-0939.

Testimonial by a Foster Web Marketing Client

Tom Foster and the Foster Web Marketing Team provide quality web marketing services. Tom's personal, hands-on approach and responsiveness to ever-changing business needs sets an example for the way in which everyone on his team conducts business. I believe Tom Foster and Foster Web Marketing stay at the forefront of web marketing solutions. They put forth contemporary, easily navigable, cutting-edge design. More importantly, their proprietary and robust content management platform allows control to make continual changes to the web without the need to rely on programmers. I am highly satisfied with the service provided by Tom and the Foster Web Marketing Team and recommended his company to others. This team is top-notch!
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Date published: 08/1/2015
5 / 5 stars
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