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Expertise Best Web Design Award DC

Long time FWM client Hupy and Abraham (www.hupy.com) was recently honored by the 2015 Webby Awards as an honoree in the category of best law firm website design. The responsive, mobile-friendly Hupy.com was one of nearly 13,000 submissions from all over the world in competition for this honor. We are very proud of our partnership with Hupy and Abraham.  

We have also been honored in 2016 by Expertise as one of the Best Web Designers in Washington, DC out of 551 companies reviewed based on 25 variables across 6 categories.

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  1. A thirty minute call with Gretchen to review how your current desktop and mobile sites perform in site-speed and mobile-friendliness testing.
  2. A look at your website to discuss what features your website should have, but doesn’t!
  3. Based on your needs, we’ll show you examples of sites that contain design elements that will give you an idea of how you can improve both your mobile and desktop sites!
  4. We will discuss what makes your firm unique to give you ideas on how to exploit your strengths with the right kind of website design.


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Some Examples Of Our Top Law Firm Website Designs

Hupy and Abraham (Hupy.com)

Hupy and Abraham's Webby Award Winning Best Law Firm Design

  • Hupy and Abraham's fully responsive, award-winning website displays beautifully across any device, giving users easy access to the site no matter how they get there.
  • The site includes really awesome features like the "What is my case worth?" calculator—a huge source of web traffic!
  • Descriptive panels, images, and buttons make it clear what services Hupy and Abraham offer and where they are offered. Clearly mapping these things out allowed us to work around the huge concern that came with combining nine websites.




Keller & Keller (2Keller.com)

Keller and Keller Best Law Firm Website Design

  • We've highlighted some of Keller & Keller's many awards, but we've also let their clients speak on the firm's behalf in the "Client Stories" module. Seeing a video testimonial and reading a first-hand account of a client's experience are powerful ways to build trust!
  • The user's eye is immediately drawn to the contact form. Making it easy for visitors to contact the team opens the door for marketing opportunities, which will keep Keller & Keller in the forefront of the audience's minds.
  • Keller & Keller has multiple offices in different states. We've visually represented what they practice and where they practice, so users don't have to hunt for the information.

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