When your digital marketing is working right, your “perfect clients” should be able to find your website, get the information they need, and be convinced that you are the right person for the job. When they pick up the phone or fill out a form to contact your law firm, they move out of the funnel of your digital marketing and into your good hands to “close the deal.”

What happens when a qualified lead—a “perfect client”—contacts you? Are you signing the majority of the qualified leads that come in, or are you losing more qualified leads than you sign?

Why Law Firms Lose Qualified Cases

Lawyer Losing ClientsIf your website is getting tons of traffic, and people are moving along the funnel toward your calls to action when they visit, then it’s time to look within.

All the best marketing in the world won’t help your law firm one bit if potential clients don’t get the attention they need at the end of the conversion funnel. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons we see law firms losing the “perfect clients” they already had on the hook:

  1. They don’t know how to contact you. Your website should give visitors several clear options for reaching out to you, and all those avenues should be current. If your address or phone number changes, you should also update your digital contact information. Visitors should be able to immediately identify the correct ways to contact you. Otherwise, you could be missing out on tons of great leads that you didn’t even know were interested!
  2. They don’t get an answer when they call. Your website, follow-up campaigns, and other digital outreach have convinced someone that you’re the right attorney for their case. Is there always an answer when that person decides to call? If no one picks up when potential clients call your office, it is very likely that they will move on to a more responsive law office. If you are missing a lot of calls—or, worse, don’t know calls are coming in during your off hours—then it may be time to consider an answering service for your law firm.
  3. They only get voicemail when they call. Voicemail can be a lifesaver for busy attorneys, but it can also be a big turnoff for potential clients. Even Google has recognized that, when modern internet users want help, they want help right now. If someone calls with the expectation of personal service and immediate answers, getting sent to voicemail is the ultimate disappointment.
  4. They have a bad customer service experience. If the people who answer your phone or greet clients at the door are rude, dismissive, or otherwise unprofessional, it can make a big impression. People ultimately want to work with people they like and can trust to be sensitive to their needs. Imagine someone calling your office from the side of the road after an accident. What kind of experience would you want them to have with you and your staff?    
  5. They have trouble using your contact forms and live chat. Many people who find you online may also prefer to contact you online. Live chat and customized contact forms make this easy, but it is worth taking the extra step to regularly check that these services are working and effective. Confusing forms or broken chat can drive good cases away, but it’s a totally preventable problem. 

Digital Marketing Partners You Can Trust When Something Goes Wrong

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