The Numbers Prove It: You’re Losing Clients If a Real Person Is Not Answering Your Phones

Automation is making our lives more convenient every day, but there are still some areas where the personal touch is critical. According to an Live Support Keyboard ButtonAmerican Express survey of consumers in 2011, 67 percent have called a business and hung up out of frustration because they couldn’t get a real person on the phone.

Automated phone answering services may help route calls, but they can create more frustration for your customers. Read on for more about how consumers respond to poor phone support.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves: Your Customers Want Live Operators

Consumer Reports conducted a survey in July 2015 asking 1,016 adults about what they found most frustrating about calling customer service. Around 75 percent said they were "highly annoyed" when they couldn’t reach a live person on the phone.

Other major complaints include the following:

  • Rude or condescending receptionists
  • Being disconnected from the phone call during transfers
  • Being transferred to the wrong department
  • Having to go through too many automated prompts or menu options to reach the information they needed

Another customer service survey conducted by American Express in 2014 found that after obtaining simple information or customer service from a website, live phone support was the most preferred method of contact. For more complex and difficult inquiries, speaking on phone to a real person was most preferred by more than one-third of the respondents.

Of the consumers surveyed in the American Express survey, many were quick to switch companies after poor customer service experiences.

  • 37 percent considered switching companies after an initial poor customer service experience.
  • 58 percent considered switching after two to three instances of poor customer service.

Businesses with poor customer service departments have felt the consequences. In the same survey, 60 percent said they intended to make a business transaction or purchase with a company, but decided not to because of poor customer service.

Live Phone Support Is Not Out of Your Reach With Alert Communications

Many businesses have switched to automated phone services in order to save money on hiring live, full-time receptionists. However, customer demand for quality, live customer support has created a new desire for live operators and fewer voice prompts.

Your business doesn’t have to spend the time and effort finding, hiring, and training phone receptionists when you work with Alert Communications. Their receptionists provide live support 24/7 to your customers and always answer with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

Avoid becoming a "bad customer service experience" for your clients. Fill out the contact form on Alert Communications' website or give them a call at 800-801-7628 to learn about their live phone support services.

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