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Close-Up View of a Calendar With Red PinsWhen every attorney has a different vacation schedule and holidays and parties are closing your office during normal business hours, your clients need to know. Running a law firm with multiple partners and varying schedules is difficult during the holiday season. If you don’t manage your schedule properly and inform your clients in a timely manner, you could lose business.

Review these tips to help keep the chaos to a minimum and make sure your clients are informed of your office schedule.

Include Schedule Changes in Your Holiday Communications

If your law firm sends holiday emails to clients, you can include a note about the holidays on which you close the office and any special closures for holiday parties. If your firm has multiple attorneys, each one may want to consider sending an individual email to clients informing them of his or her own holiday schedule. This helps reduce the confusion of whether or not an attorney will be available between holidays.

Update Your Website and Social Media Profiles With Holiday Schedules

Adding your holiday hours to your website’s contact page is a simple and easy way to let clients know about your potential closures during the season. You can also update your social media profiles to post your temporary holiday hours. Just remember that once the New Year is here and you are back to regular business hours, you need to remove those posts and temporary changes.

Both Google Maps and Yelp allow local businesses to update their listings with holiday hours. Because the majority of consumers are now using Internet searches to find store hours, and Google and Yelp make up a significant portion of those searches, don’t forget about these sites this holiday season!

Work With an Intake Call Center (And Let Us Know of Any Schedule Changes)

Give your law firm the gift of stellar customer service and 24/7 uptime on your phone lines when you work with Alert Communications. Their intake call centers have professional, fully trained staff and they are always available to answer your phones, even when you are on vacation.

Alert Communications will ensure your clients are informed and your office is never accidentally booked on a holiday. All it takes is filling out a contact form or giving them a call at 800-801-7628 to learn about how they can make your holidays less stressful and a lot happier!

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